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14 Sept 2017

REVIEW: Mantis Burn Racing – Battle Cars DLC

The ‘BATTLE CARS’ pack adds a brand-new way to enjoy Mantis Burn Racing® in our biggest, most exciting update yet, featuring an all-new class of highly armoured, battle-ready vehicles hell-bent on destruction! Get ready to crush your opponents with rapid-fire machine-gun blasts or launch mines causing devastating damage with 3 brand-new Battle Modes to test your appetite for destruction. Available now on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Steam® (for Windows PC).

Review by Jon Donnis
If like me you are the kind of person who misses those top view arcade racers that we all loved in the 90s then this is arcade perfection. I had Micro Machines on the NES back in the early 90s, and I feel like nothing since then has ever quite got it right when it comes to an arcade style top-down racer. Well the wait is finally over, Mantis Burn Racing is to 2017 what Micro Machines was to 1991. Just with incredible graphics, and a deep single player game that will keep you coming back again and again.

And now even better than the base game, which is already pretty awesome, they have just release the Battle Car DLC. So now we can race around and shoot at other drivers, lay mines and generally be even more awesome.

Can you tell that I really like this game yet?
The single player mode really is great, and that is something I want to bring attention to, as so many games these days concentrate so heavily on the multiplayer/online modes that the single player game suffers. Well this game has both. A lengthy single player career mode, which will keep you coming back to collect missed "gears", which are basically your trophies for achieving certain things in the game, like an "Awesome Drift" or destroying roadside obstacles. There are time trials, straight up races, events and so on. And with the Battle Cars add on, it is a whole new lot of vehicles to use, and events to complete.

The multiplayer games are cool too, lots of choices, although perhaps not enough people playing online at times means that I am sure you end up playing AI opponents. If you have a second controller you can have split screen action too which is fun.

A really fun game from top to bottom. Really excellent in game physics too, you really feel like you are in control of every action. And for all you gamer-point hunters, plenty of gamer-points to get too, and they aren't too hard to get either.

The game was excellent already, the Battle Cars add on is the cream on top of the already brilliant cake.

Available now on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Steam® (for Windows PC).

This is a game I have been waiting on for nearly 30 years, so I cant recommend it enough, great for any age.

Review by Jon Donnis

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