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29 Sept 2017

REVIEW: Ticket to Ride: First Journey (Mobile Version)

Review by Jon Donnis:
Ticket to Ride First Journey is based on a board game called Days of Wonder, Now I have to admit I am not aware of this board game, as I don't really play them, so I come to this game from a position of complete ignorance. It is worth noting that this is a kids game, or a game that a parent can play with a  young child. So I am probably not the demographic they are aiming at.

With that said the game is enjoyable. You start on a map, with various landmarks, and you have to connect the land marks with train routes, and whoever scores the most routes first wins, and you then collect artifacts, its that simple.

I will admit that I started playing the game without reading anything about it, and even during the tutorial I didn't pay much attention, because.. you know... I'm a stupid man and all that. So once the game started proper I had no real idea what I was doing, but once I figured it out, it is a fun little game.

There is a solo mode whereby you play against AI opponents, and that's fine for what it is, but the fun here comes from playing against someone else. You just pass your phone to them when your turn is over, and so on.

I played the game with my 7 year old niece like this, and much like a physical board game, we had the same type of experience, which was basically me taking things way too seriously and her getting annoyed with me for not letting her win. As soon as we finished a game she demanded we play again. And that's really all you need to know.

It's a fun, simple, easy to play game, better playing against others.

I give this game a solid 7/10.

Ticket to Ride: First Journey brings the popular kid and family version of Days of Wonder classic board game Ticket to Ride, to digital platforms. Perfect for all ages with quicker and easier gameplay for younger players, this adaptation is a must-have introduction to the award-winning and millions-selling game Ticket to Ride. Including both USA and European maps, Ticket to Ride: First Journey allows you to collect train cards, claim routes across the continent and connect major cities across the map.

Playable in solo mode against three AI of varying difficulties, or with up to three friends (or bots) with the ‘pass and play’ mode, each game of Ticket to Ride: First Journey will steer you through the wild landscapes of the USA or historical Europe, learning more about iconic monuments and collecting pictures of the cities as you go.

A digital adaptation for the masses, Ticket to Ride: First Journey has been simplified for younger audiences, so parents and children can experience the ride together. The game features a colourful, fully-animated 3D user experience, and user-friendly drag and drop mechanics to make the first Ticket to Ride journey easy and fun for all ages.

Ticket to Ride: First Journey features:
Two maps: Europe & North America
Family-friendly gameplay, including interactive, kid-focused tutorial
Solo mode: Easy, normal & difficult AI
Pass and play mode on a single device: Up to four players (or bots)

Unlockable rewards to build geographical knowledge

Links to Purchase
Mac OS: Coming soon

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