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27 Oct 2017

This Halloween Propel Yourself into Dying Light’s Super-Crane Event

Wroclaw, Poland / Techland today unveiled details of its The Outstanding Super-Crane event – the latest community challenge, starting October 26th, 12pm PDT (8pm BST) and ending on November 1st at 11:30pm PDT (7:30am BST).

The Super-Crane event, which is happening in tandem with the launch of Content Drop #1, encourages players to unleash their spider-like skills. For this limited period only, the grappling hook will allow players to swing between buildings without the handicap of a cooldown period, increase the grappling range, and pull enemies in for easier finishers.

During Halloween, the community has been given the challenge of attaining a global kill target of 10,000,000 enemies – with fall damage – to win a Bounty Skin Pack, with the added individual player incentive of catching 5,000 enemies using the grappling hook for a Gold Tier weapon!

For gamers wanting to get involved with the carnage for the first time, there are Steam and Gemly sales of up to 60% off. There will also be sales for the console version of the game. Additionally, the players can unlock a free new set of items at -- the Halloween-themed The Nightmare Pack contains an exclusive shotgun skin - Rusty Spine, a new poison weapon - the Candycutter sickle, and a third item that will be unveiled this Monday.

Players are encouraged to share their best Super-Crane actions & moves on the Dying Light and Gemly social media channels. A special community video will be made from the best ones.

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