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28 Nov 2017

Nosebleed Interactive’s Narcissistic Cult favourite Vostok Inc. Available December 7th on Nintendo Switch

Watford, United Kingdom, November 28, 2017: Wired Productions, an established computer gamespublisher, in partnership with Nosebleed Interactive, are delighted to announce cult favourite, Vostok Inc.,will release on December 7th for Nintendo Switch™.

To celebrate the announcement, Wired Productions have released a brand-new trailer (PEGI) (ESRB)

Featuring Pluto as a Nintendo Switch exclusive Planet, Vostok Inc. offers the same maddeningly-addictive gameplay, frenetic twin-stick shooting action, and a downright disgusting quest for self-enrichment that brought Vostok Inc. so much adoration from players throughout the solar system.

In Vostok Inc., you play as a corrupt, narcissistic yuppie, hell-bent on raking in as much money as possible in a greed-driven, twin-stick shooter without a conscience. As the newly-appointed CEO of Vostok Inc., you have one goal: to become filthy, stinking rich. Piloting your very own ship, explore and exploit more than 40 planets across six different solar systems in your quest to earn ludicrous amounts of MOOLAH!

Start by landing on any planet to begin colonization, build factories, and rake in the big bucks. Once the filthy lucre starts flowing, you'll be able to upgrade your ship's weapons and augmentations. Increase profits even further by finding and recruiting managers, consultants, and executives scattered throughout the galaxy.
Andreas Firnigl, Managing Director and designer at Nosebleed Interactive, commented: "Vostok Inc.  already has a cult following and we know that Nintendo Switch gamers will love it even more. On December 7th, Switch owners can travel, explore and exploit the galaxy like never before."

Leo Zullo, Managing Director, Wired Productions, continued: "We're delighted to have the chance to bring Vostok Inc. to a new audience of players who will relish the chance to indulge in some inter-planetary capitalistic chaos."

Key Features:
Explore more than 40 planets over 6 solar systems.

Land on any planet to begin extracting resources.

Craft and upgrade an arsenal of 40+ diverse weapons and ship augmentations.

Collect loot from fallen enemies, bosses or environmental hazards.

Find and recruit managers, consultants, and executives scattered throughout the galaxy, and keep them happy to boost planetside production.

Play 13 minigames to unlock massive ship and weapon upgrades.

Enjoy an adaptive audio system, with music that constantly evolves as you play!
Use the same save game across a variety of devices.

Vostok Inc. Is available to pre-order from the Nintendo e-shop ahead of its launch on December 7th.

23 Nov 2017

Asmodee Digital and DUJARDIN Announce Release of New Digital Version of Famous Tabletop Game, Mille Bornes

ARIS - Nov. 23 2017 - Asmodee Digital, leader in digital board game adaptations, and DUJARDIN announced today the release of the new digital version of Mille Bornes on iOS, Android and Steam. Young and old alike can get involved, alone or in a family group, with the digital version of this legendary board game first played in French homes back in 1954! Expect crazy racing, foul play, getaways and more in this classic racing game.

iTunes App Store
Google Play

A new interactive experience
Like the board game, the goal of the digital version is to reach 1,000 miles to win. Players must use their Distance cards to advance, lay their Hazard cards to prevent their opponents from advancing, and ward off dirty tricks from other players to advance as fast as possible. In addition to cards from the physical deck, the digital interpretation has been enriched with new courses like "In the countryside" and exclusive cards incorporating alternative rules to spice up the action. Events squares allow players to double the distance travelled or slow the player down.

Travel the roads, alone or with others
Players can challenge up to three friends in the race through a turn-based mode or simply improve their driving performance by facing the AI. This mode offers different levels of difficulty for an added challenge.

Two new maps expand the original gameplay, with new landscapes and exciting surprises as players take on “In the countryside” and “Desert.”

Young and old will love to play
Intended for a younger audience, Mille Bornes is easy to play and attractive for children. The colorful graphics and fun nature of the game will allow them to identify with the different characters and each speed card is represented by a different animal. The game is designed to offer pick-up-and-play gameplay, without having to read too many instructions. The digital version also incorporates more than 20 achievements: the more the player plays, the more he gains in expertise!

Corinne Derudder, General Manager of TF1 Games, welcomes this relaunch: “After first releasing six years ago in 2011, we have made the choice to rework the game in detail to provide an enriched gaming experience. Utilizing its expertise, Asmodee Digital has helped create this new digital version, that exceeds our expectations. Parents will enjoy recognizing the familiar elements of the game, and exploring the roads of Mille Bornes with their children."

Philippe Dao, Chief Marketing Officer of Asmodee Digital, added: "The integration of a game as iconic and timeless as Mille Bornes in the Asmodee catalogue is an opportunity to show the breadth of Asmodee Digital's expertise."

So jump in your car, adjust the mirrors, and get ready to race in Mille Bornes!

21 Nov 2017

Paramount Launches its First Augmented Reality Experience Featuring Content from Transformers: The Last Knight

In conjunction with the release of the Transformers films on 4K Ultra HD,
Free Mobile App Lets Users Play as Popular BUMBLEBEE Character

App Created by Viacom NEXT using Apple® ARKit Technology
Paramount Home Media Distribution today unveiled a free augmented reality experience for iOS app users, coinciding with the release of the Transformers films: Transformers, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Transformers: Age of Extinction and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on 4K Ultra HD. Created by Viacom’s VR team Viacom NEXT using Apple ARKit technology, the app incorporates content from the latest film in the blockbuster series, Transformers: The Last Knight.

The app overlays 3D graphics onto a user’s surrounding physical space, designed as the virtual junkyard of protagonist Cade Yeager as seen in Transformers: The Last Knight. Players control the actions of BUMBLEBEE, directing his movement while hitting, blowing up and interacting with various objects, which can be added to expand the interactive environment.

“This augmented reality experience gives fans the chance to interact with the Transformers universe in a new and exciting way,” said Howard Hsieh, Vice President, Worldwide Digital Business Development, Paramount Home Media Distribution. “The Transformers films appeal to a vast and diverse audience and we’re excited to give fans the opportunity to get in the driver’s seat and take BUMBLEBEE for a ride.”

“With ARKit, we can seamlessly bridge virtual and physical worlds to create immersive experiences that bring storytelling to life,” said Chaki Ng, Senior Vice President of Viacom NEXT. “We’re thrilled to help break this new ground at Paramount.”

The experience is free to download from the UK App Store until February 20, 2018. Users can also order Transformers: The Last Knight on 4K HDR through the app

Download the app here:

17 Nov 2017

Rearrange James Blunt’s face whilst he tells you ‘you’re beautiful’ – Music Puzzle launches worldwide

November 17th, 2017: Tagwizz, a videogame studio founded by Adrien Gimate – a veteran of the mobile gaming industry- is proud to announce the release of the musical game series Music Puzzle today.

Music Puzzle is a game where the player has to rebuild musical tracks from various parts with voices and various instruments: guitars, drums, keyboards, and even unusual ones such as congas and the tambourine. The player has to listen to the various parts and sort them in the right order. There is always the option to listen to the original song to review the progress.

Starsailor E1 - Mixing Pieces

The catalogue of songs features iconic tunes from famous international artists, including James Blunt, Star Sailor, The Pointer Sisters, Beethoven an more.
In order to succeed, the player will need to use their ears and improve their musical sensibility. Different game modes and challenges will provide hours of gameplay with iconic songs.


The first songs available for the release are :

James Blunt – You’re beautiful – 15 puzzles – Difficulty: Intermediate
The Pointer Sisters – I’m so excited – 15 puzzles – Difficulty: Intermediate
Starsailor – Four to the Floor – 14 puzzles – Difficulty: Intermediate

To learn more about Music Puzzle, please visit the official website at

16 Nov 2017

Nintendo Switch gains exclusive content, as Pluto is named a planet once and for all, in upcoming twin-stick shooter, Vostok Inc.

Watford, United Kingdom, November 16 2017: Pluto has today been reclassified as a planet, rather than a dwarf planet (minor planet designation 134340 Pluto). To celebrate the new status bestowed upon it by Nosebleed Interactive and Wired Productions, Pluto comes to Vostok Inc. in time for, and exclusive to, its release on Nintendo Switch.

Vostok Inc. held a press conference this afternoon where news of this planetary scale exclusive content was first shared.

Andreas Firnigl, Managing Director and designer at Nosebleed Interactive, commented: “Pluto has five moons. If you believe the International Astronomical Union, then they should be called dwarf planet moons. What do hundreds of international astrophysics experts and PHD graduates know. Pluto is a planet!”

Tune in to breaking Vostok Inc news at the following YouTube channels:

Neil Broadhead, Communications Manager, Wired Productions, continued: “Pluto is – and always has been – a planet, and a huge part of our solar system since its discovery in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh. Its heart shaped expression, first seen from across the solar system on July 13th 2015, made us fall in love with Pluto all over again. Long distance relationships do work! Whether it’s 4.4bn km or 7.4bn km away, Pluto has a place in our hearts, and now a place in our game: Vostok Inc.”

In Vostok Inc, you play as a corrupt, narcissistic yuppie hoping to make as much money as possible in a greed-driven, twin-stick shooter without a conscience. As the newly-appointed CEO of Vostok Inc., you have one goal: to become filthy, stinking rich. Piloting your very own ship, explore and exploit more than 40 planets across six different solar systems in your quest to earn ludicrous amounts of MOOLAH!

Start by landing on any planet to begin colonization, build factories and rake in the big bucks. Once the MOOLAH starts flowing, you’ll be able to upgrade your ship’s weapons and augmentations. Increase profits even further by finding and recruiting managers, consultants, and executives scattered throughout the galaxy.

15 Nov 2017


Seoul, Korea - November 15, 2017 - Netmarble Games Corp., the fastest-growing mobile game company in Asia, has launched its highly anticipated mobile MMORPG Lineage 2: Revolution in 54 countries across North America, Europe, Oceania and The Middle East. Leading up to today’s launch, more than 1.5 million players around the world pre-registered for Lineage 2: Revolution.

This follows the game’s incredible, ground-breaking success since it first debuted in South Korea late last year, becoming the top grossing game on Googly Play and App Store in 11 additional Asian territories. The game also launched in Japan in August and became the top grossing game on the App Store in just 18 hours. The launch of Lineage 2: Revolution introduces the largest scale multiplayer gameplay ever created for mobile to North American players.

Lineage 2: Revolution is a free-to-play mobile MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) based on the popular PC online game IP “Lineage 2,” which has entertained more than 30 million players since it first debuted. Lineage 2: Revolution stays true to its PC roots, displaying a stunning open field, raids, 200-player castle sieges, character re-designs and classes, all in a mobile environment. A fully-featured MMORPG provides seamless open-world environments, real-time 3vs3, 5vs5, 20vs20 and 50vs50 PvP battles, as well as lifelike fantasy world with dazzling graphics backed by the Unreal 4 engine.

“We are ecstatic at the rapidly increasing support we’ve seen with the Lineage 2: Revolution pre-registration and pre-download numbers,” said Netmarble’s Chief Global Officer Seungwon Lee. “Everyone at Netmarble has been gearing up for today’s launch, and we couldn’t be more excited for players around the world to finally get their hands on the game.”

Lineage 2: Revolution generated major attention from North American gamers at TwitchCon last month, where Netmarble partnered with late night host Conan O’Brien for a live broadcast from the event’s esports stage to announce the game’s launch date and help demonstrate the game’s 50v50 Fortress Siege gameplay mode. The battle featured top streamers from around the world and drew more than 1.2 million viewers on Twitch, shattering records and garnering lots of interest from gamers around the world.

To learn more about Lineage 2: Revolution, visit the official website at

The game is available to play on iOS and here:
And here on Android:

11 Nov 2017

REVIEW: Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition

RUN. DRIVE. SURVIVE. Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition takes parkour-fueled zombie survival to a whole new level. Enjoy the definitive Dying Light experience with the brand-new Legend system, improved visuals, major gameplay enhancements, and more. This package comes with all the available bonus content, including Dying Light: The Following - a massive story-based expansion that brings mysterious characters, deadly new weapons, unexpected quests, and fully customizable and drivable dirt buggies.

When I first loaded up Dying Light, I thought it would just be another open world Zombie game, but you soon realise it is so much more than that. The parkour element takes things to a completely new level.

Of course you still get to kill zombies, but you also get to set traps, search building for items you can use to craft new weapons, and as you progress through the games, the awkwardness at the beginning soon transfers into you racing along rooftops without a care in the world, well apart from the zombies below who want to eat your brains.

The game is much deeper than you first thing and the more you player and develop your character the more you get out of it.

With the various online modes, story points, challenges and so on, this is a game you will be playing for quite a while. And although it can be quite frustrating when you first start playing, as soon as you start to build up your character, that frustration soon turns into satisfying achievement when you unlock a new weapon, or figure out how to get to the point on the map you previously couldn't figure out.

Dying Light is a great game, and with the new content drops (see below) and new additions to the game, it can only get better.

I give this game a strong 8/10

Review by Jon Donnis

Buy Dying Light The Following From Amazon Here

Latest Dying Light News:
Following its arrival on PC back in July, PS4 and Xbox One owners can now get hold of Content Drop #0, which includes a new human enemy special forces unit – a heavily-armed new faction set to cause havoc in Old Town; a new ‘Harran Military Rifle available exclusively at; a new Mutated Goon Zombie; and a new ‘‘Hunted” player outfit.

Now Content Drop #1 adds three truly unique weapons: the Last Wish revolver, the Kuai dagger and the Fenris axe. Launching simultaneously across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, each one of these lethal inventions has its own exclusive feature that will increase your chances of survival in the quarantine zone a bit. But first the players will have to test their skills as these three weapons are rewards for completing the new special bounties. In addition to that, will provide the usual exclusive set of content that will be activated throughout the week, including the “Ye Old Trusty” wrench.*

Drop #0 and Drop #1 are the first two content packs with Techland set to release nine more over the coming months. Not only that, as players and fans are encouraged to share their ideas and suggest what goes into future content drops.

Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition is now on sale - visit for more details about all ongoing sales.

Super Mario Odyssey - Journey to Launch - Nintendo Switch

Mario and his new ally Cappy embarked on an adventure across the US to celebrate the launch of Super Mario Odyssey. The journey spanned over 3,800 miles, 74 cities, 1 gigantic mushroom and made over 200,000 people smile.

9 Nov 2017

Conan O’Brien And Netmarble Partner For Lineage 2: Revolution Digital Entertainment Content TS

November 9, 2017 (Seoul, South Korea): Netmarble, the fastest growing mobile game company in Asia, has partnered with late night host Conan O’Brien to create digital entertainment content for the company’s upcoming MMORPG, Lineage 2: Revolution. The popular celebrity joined Netmarble onstage at TwitchCon 2017 in October to announce the game’s November 15, 2017 launch date and to help debut the company’s ‘30 vs. 30 Fortress Siege’ battle featuring top streamers from across the world. The event drew more than 1.2 million viewers on Twitch, shattering records and garnering lots of interest from gamers around the world. Conan will now partner with Netmarble in a two-part comedic video series for Lineage 2: Revolution leading up to its November 15th, 2017 launch.

Conan O’Brien, whose regular “Clueless Gamer” videos draw millions of viewers both on-air and online, will collaborate with Netmarble on the two-part series, which will appear online around the time of Lineage 2: Revolution’s mid-November launch. In the videos, Conan will be seen doing his part to usher in the next wave of mobile gaming, and another using Lineage 2: Revolution as a way to de-stress from his taxing life as a Hollywood celebrity. In addition, a bonus ‘behind-the-scenes’ video interview with Conan will go live the same day for fans to enjoy.

More than 1.5 million players around the world have already pre-registered for Lineage 2: Revolution. This follows the game’s incredible, ground-breaking success in Korea and Japan, where it launched late last year and earlier this summer respectively. The game will be released for iOS and Android devices in the Western markets on November 15, 2017.

Lineage 2: Revolution is a free-to-play mobile MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) based on the popular PC online IP “Lineage.” While game retains much of its PC roots with a stunning open world, unmatched PvP raid content, castle sieges, exciting customizable characters and in-depth classes, Netmarble’s newest title is in its own new class of mobile entertainment. Lineage 2: Revolution, developed using Unreal Engine 4, is unrivalled in graphic quality and technical ability, able to pitch 30 versus 30 players real-time around the world in Fortress Sieges at launch. With quests, upgradable equipment, amazing mounts and armour to strive for, and an open persistent world to explore, Netmarble Lineage 2: Revolution is the next generation of MMORPG, and it’s available November 15th, 2017.

To learn more about Lineage 2: Revolution and pre-register until November 14th for free exclusive rewards, visit the official website at

Pure Farming 2018’s new trailer: Heroes of the Farm

November 9th, 2017 – Wroclaw, Poland Gomselmash, Gregoire, Mitsubishi, Skybury, McCormick are just some of the brands showcased in the new Pure Farming 2018 trailer launched by Techland Publishing and Ice Flames today.

The trailer, titled Heroes of the Farm, focuses on the realistic, high-quality depiction of some of the most powerful and exciting machines available in Pure Farming 2018

“Pure Farming 2018 is not only about many diverse locations, but also about a great fleet of fully licensed and faithfully recreated machines from around the world. Each machine in our game has been officially approved by the licensor, and the developers made sure to make the in-game experience of operating it as true to life as it gets.” - says Pawel Jawor, Brand Manager at Techland Publishing.

Visit the official Pure Farming 2018 Facebook and Twitter pages to stay up to date with all upcoming farming announcements.

Retro-Bit® Europe Announces the Super Retro® Trio Plus, New Hardware for Classic Software, Enhanced for PAL Gamers

Forget Emulation, Play Genuine NES®, SNES® and MegaDrive Cartridges, the Way They Were Meant to be Played and in Glorious HD!

Karlstad, Sweden – November 9th, 2017 – Retro-Bit®, leader in retro consoles, controllers and video game hardware, announced today Retro-Bit® Europe, a new subsidiary bringing their state-of-the-art console hardware to European gamers. First to be released is the Super Retro® Trio Plus, a compact console capable of playing original NES®, SNES® and MegaDrive cartridges from virtually any region in glorious HD.

Available for pre-order today with shipping scheduled for December this year the Super Retro® Trio Plus features a simple region switch, bringing compatibility with genuine cartridges from NTSC/PF/NJ and, for the first time, PAL regions. This will allow players to enjoy their collection of PAL cartridges all over again, but this time via HDMI® on modern TV’s and in razer-sharp HD resolution.

Distributed throughout Europe by Game Outlet Europe (GOE Distribution), and in the UK via PQube®, the Super Retro® Trio Plus comes complete with two high-quality controllers, inspired by classic consoles and featuring no fewer than six controller ports, fully compatible with original 1st party and 3rd party controllers for all three console formats.

“Retro-Bit® has established itself as leader in retro hardware, amassing a loyal following amongst the community thanks to their unrivalled consoles, delivering superb compatibility, value for money and crisp HD images. We’re delighted that retro fans across Europe now have a console of their own to enjoy their collection of PAL cartridges,” said Ali Manzuri, Product Development Manager for Game Outlet. “The recent popularity of re-released classic consoles is positive proof of the enormous desire there is to enjoy retro entertainment, but these consoles come with a limited selection of emulated titles to enjoy. The Super Retro® Trio Plus opens up the ability to enjoy thousands of titles on modern displays and we think it will prove extremely popular across Europe this holiday season and beyond.”

The Super Retro® Trio Plus is available for pre-order today at and from other leading retailers upon release this December 2017.

For more information visit: and

8 Nov 2017

Stretch your imagination with Super Putty Squad on Nintendo Switch this November

London, United Kingdom – November 8th, 2017: System 3, one of the UK's leading independent developer/publishers, is delighted to announce the release of Super Putty Squad in November for Nintendo Switch, available from the Nintendo eShop and at retail worldwide.

Super Putty Squad sees the return of an unlikely hero, Putty, to the perfect platform, Nintendo Switch. With its specific form factor, gorgeous screen and immersive controls, Nintendo Switch is the ideal platform for Putty. If ever a console was designed for a game; Nintendo Switch and Super Putty Squad are the gameplayers dream and a compulsive combination.

Described by Mail Online as 'incredibly addictive', Super Putty Squad oozes quality through its unique design and quirky gameplay.

"Our partnership with Nintendo spans more than 30 years so we know its audience and the products that have impact among its fans. Super Putty Squad more than fits that bill, and is the first of six titles we're delighted to be bringing to Nintendo Switch," said Mark Cale, CEO, System 3. "Putty's unique style, wit and design and intuitive gameplay are a perfect fit for Nintendo Switch. Ideal for playing at home or on the go, gamers will be delighted with Super Putty Squad's flexibility."

The critically acclaimed Putty Squad first made its way to gamers screens on the Amiga in 1992 and now our hero returns as part of System 3's 35th year anniversary celebrations. Putty once again takes on a stirring quest to rescue his kidnapped friends in a reinvigorated and modern platform game that focuses on fun while losing none of its charming originality.

Super Putty Squad is released for Nintendo Switch in November 2017 at retail and online via the Nintendo eShop. 

Catan Stories: The Legend of the Sea Robbers Now Available on iOS and Android

PARIS - Nov. 8, 2017 – Catan GmbH, Catan Studio and Asmodee Digital, a leader in digital board game entertainment, today announced that Catan Stories: The Legend of the Sea Robbers is now available on iOS and Android mobile devices. An all-new text adventure game based on the tabletop expansion Legend of the Sea Robbers for the highly-acclaimed Catan board game, Catan Stories is the first ever scenario-based Catan game. This is also Asmodee Digital’s first adventure game inspired by a board game, versus a direct adaptation of the board game.


Seventy years after the first settlers arrived on Catan, the island is enjoying peace and prosperity, but for how much longer? Developed by LUCKYHAMMERS and Asmodee Digital in close collaboration with Klaus and Benjamin Teuber, the creators of Catan, Catan Stories lets fans discover a captivating never-before-told tale, following three all-new characters on a journey through the in-game universe. Scenarist and game designer Kevin Leung has worked diligently to give new life to the Catan universe, bringing a unique mix of game mechanics and storytelling to Catan Stories.

The single-player text adventure is told through an immersive story-line supported by an atmospheric soundtrack and special visuals like 360° visions and a gorgeous map view.. Every decision in Catan Stories has a consequence, and the fate of the island is in players’ hands.

“It’s humbling to know that Catan fans continue to be so engaged with the brand after all these years. Catan Stories expands the game’s spirit of curiosity, discovery and exploration, and is an exciting new genre for players to experience and interact with the brand,” said Catan creator Klaus Teuber.

“Catan Stories is the perfect example of Asmodee Digital’s ever-growing effort to create a link between analog and digital, taking inspiration from the physical expansion for game design and content,” said Philippe Dao, Chief Marketing Officer of Asmodee Digital. “This is a particularly exciting release, as it’s the very first time that, as a publisher, we’ve followed another route than converting the board game directly to digital.”

7 Nov 2017

Madden NFL 18: Xbox One X Enhanced

The greatest looking Madden ever just got even better. Madden NFL 18 reaches new heights on Xbox One X through visuals and gameplay with Xbox One X Enhanced support, 4K Ultra HD and HDR support. The resolution of the game can be played in 4K Ultra HD, which really comes through in the player detail.  The gameplay will run at a constant 60 FPS (Frames Per Second), which means that when you go from scoring on the field to celebrating in the end zone, you’ll experience a smooth, seamless transition from gameplay to cinematic moments.

PIG EAT BALL – Announce Trailer | PS4

Eat, Fight, Solve, and BARF your way through 100’s of action-packed levels in this COLOSSAL world of arcade-adventure heaven!

Eat all the balls in a level to win, but you get FATTER WHILE YOU EAT. If you get so fat you get stuck, you'll have to barf to squeeze through! Enjoy hours of hand-crafted chaotic SINGLE-PLAYER action with just a dash of PUZZLEY trickiness!