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3 Jan 2018

PREVIEW: Nantucket – a seafaring strategy game based on Moby Dick

Preview By Jon Donnis
Nantucket reminds me a lot of the type of games I used to play in the mid 90s. RPG games that you actually had to concentrate to play. For a long time these types of game simply disappeared and were replaced by all action short play time console games. But now with Nantucket we have a game that goes back to the heart of what gaming was always about. Telling a story, letting you get involved, building characters, learning, improving and having a feeling of satisfaction when you accomplish an in game task.

You play the game by looking down at a map, you start with your little boat, and you set sail. You will explore the seas, and as you do you will encounter "events", such as a whale you need to kill, and in doing so you collect it as food, its blubber which you can sell for money. You will stop off at ports where you will change crew, improve your ship, buy and sell. As you sail around the world, you will find new quests, and have to make decisions that will impact you as the game progresses.

Although for some this game might seem slow at times, this game isn't about non stop button pounding, or action scenes, it is more about enjoying the story line, while trying to grow your character, your ship, and your crew. Fighting whales, fighting pirates, and trying to keep your crew happy, but not allowing them to develop traits that will harm you along the way.

Do your research before you buy this game, watch the trailer (below), seek out reviews, visit the creators website. This game wont be for everyone, and might I say, it is probably directed at the older gamer, but even if you are younger, do your research and if this sounds like a game you would enjoy, give it a try.

A fun old school game. 7/10

Nantucket releases on January 18th 2018 on Steam and other leading PC storefronts.

Game Details:
Nantucket is a game like no other, and explores the fiction of the time in a detailed world to explore, manage and conquer, including:

EXPLORE THE SEVEN SEAS: Set sail around the world, visit cities, and increase your prestige by hunting whales, landing jobs, and searching for new adventures.

BE THE CAPTAIN YOU WANT TO BE: Develop your character in true RPG fashion, by increasing your stats, choosing your reactions, and developing your seafaring skills.

MANAGE YOUR SHIP AND CREW: Hire and manage your crew, give them tasks on your ship, and improve your ship with new compartments, expanding your ship’s capabilities.

EXPERIENCE THE GOLDEN AGE OF WHALING: Experience more than a thousand unique events tailored around your choices and face the consequences of your actions.

HUNT WHALES AND FIGHT PIRATES: Discover new whaling areas, hunt whales for blubber, and protect your ship from pirates using a turn-based combat system.

CHASE AFTER MOBY DICK: Follow an original storyline and complete quests to unveil the secrets behind Moby Dick and dissolve Ahab’s curse.

Marco Mantoan, Designer, Picaresque Studio commented, “Since the original Steam Greenlight, we’ve been developing a game we feel is unique in its setting, a love letter to Moby Dick and the strategy genre.” He continued, “We’re excited to be working with Fish Eagle, utilising its international expertise to help us bring Nantucket to more fans around the world.”

Nantucket is available to add to your wish list now:

Nantucket releases on January 18th 2018 on Steam and other leading PC storefronts.

To learn more about Nantucket, please visit the official webpage:

For more information on Fish Eagle, please visit

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