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31 Jul 2018

NHL 19 | World of CHEL Trailer | PS4

Be one of the first to compete from the pond to the pros, unlocking the full game three days early on September 11, 2018 when you pre-order the NHL 19 Legends Edition or NHL 19 Ultimate Edition:

Explore the World of CHEL in NHL® 19, an evolution of the fan-favorite EA SPORTS™️ Hockey League that introduces a unified progression and customization system. With over 900 newly-designed pieces of gear, you can customize your skaters look to be as unique as you. Choose classes, traits, and specialties that impact your strategy and player performance.

Jump into the World of CHEL and play a variety of game modes with your custom skater. Go 1v1v1 in a frenetic free-for-all with NHL ONES, as you climb the leaderboard in a quest to be crowned the daily champion. Jump into the action with fast-paced NHL THREES drop in, where you can showcase your creativity in a fun, action-packed environment. EA SPORTS Hockey League is the heart of the World of CHEL, where you’ll compete on a team with other customized players and work your way up the ranks, earning gear for your skater along the way.

In the World of CHEL there is something for everyone. Play it now in the open beta. Available for download until August 2, 2018.

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