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23 Sept 2018

14 Minutes of Devil May Cry 5 Dante Gameplay

Watch Dante take on a load of nasties and face a new boss in this brand new gameplay.

The story takes place several years after the events of Devil May Cry 4 and is set after the events of Devil May Cry 2. Nero had set up his own demon hunting agency based out of a van adorned with a neon "Devil May Cry" sign Dante gave him with support by his engineer Nico, who built him a robotic prosthetic arm called the "Devil Breaker" after his original Devil Bringer arm was taken by a mysterious hooded individual.

Arriving to a city plagued by demons, Nero crosses paths with Dante who took a job with Trish and Lady to exterminate the demons spilling into their world. They are both joined by Dante's mysterious client "V".

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