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7 Sept 2018

REVIEW: Another Sight - PC/Steam

A teenager who has lost her sight and a mysterious cat team up in a surreal fantasy adventure into the unexpected, weaving a tale that brings together some of the world’s greatest minds: Monet, Tesla, Edison and other historical cultural icons.

Review by Jon Donnis:
I have been looking forward to this game for a while, so to say expectations were high would be an understatement.

First lets look at the positives, the game is beautiful, stunning graphics, and an awesome soundtrack. A lot of effort has been made to make this game look and sound good. Special mention goes to the voice acting.

It also is an original idea, your main character is blind, and she can only interact with her surroundings through her senses. She is accompanied by a cat who you can switch controls to.

Now the negatives, the controls are poor, very clunky, jumping to new platforms never feels like you are quite in control. Because the teenager character is blind, she is incredibly slow to move and that is so frustrating. The cat is much better, much faster, but again trying to jump around is very hit and miss.

And regardless of how a game looks, if you don't feel in control of your characters you soon can lose interest.

Although a great idea for a game, it just doesn't quite have the right feel, it is very basic puzzle solving, move a lever here, swap to the cat to go stand on a pressure pad, switch back and so on. The game also has quite a few bugs which can end up with you getting stuck, or the cat disappearing.

I hoped for so much more and maybe after 6 months of bug fixes and improvements to the control systems, the game will be much better, but for now I can only give the game a 5/10

Another Sight is available on Steam:

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