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25 Oct 2018

Acclaimed Tower Defence Saga Played by Millions World-wide Returns on A War Footing

The battle cries are approaching; Vez'nan's reign begins November 22!

Are you ready to face former allies in battle? Ready to test your skills in new territories and against new armies? The time for tough decisions and decisive action is approaching.

Before very long you'll be fighting for the greatest dark wizard of them all, Vez'nan — leading his army and doing his bidding. Have no doubt, the campaign will be long and hard but you can rely on the full might of his most revered soldiers.

Choose from 16 different towers and prepare to defend themCustomise your strategy to work with your favouritesNine immense heroes will fight by your sideCheck the KRV website to know more:

You can pre-order the game on the App Store: and on Google Play:

Get ready, Kingdom Rush Vengeance will soon be laying siege to a tower near you…

Kingdom Rush Vengeance trailer

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