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11 Nov 2018

REVIEW: TSIOQUE Available on PC/Steam

Review by Jon Donnis:
Tsioque is a classic point and click adventure in the style of Dragon's Lair or King's Quest. Everything has been hand animated, frame by frame, and throughout the game it truly is a wonder to see how beautiful the game is.

We play as Tsioque, a Princess who has been imprisoned in a castle run by the Evil Wizard. Yes I know it is not very original, but that really doesn't matter.

You start off as previously mentioned imprisoned, and you quickly realise that you need to escape, so you will move the cursor around and try to find things to interact with that will help you.

Throughout the game you have to solve puzzles, some harder than others, whether it is something as simple as moving blocks to open a chest, or finding a way to avoid the guards. The game does move along at a decent pace, and there are some funny moments that will surely amuse even the most hardened of gamer.

I finished the game in just about 2 hours, so it is not a long game, but it is a fun one, and despite one little hiccup where I couldn't figure out how to wave a wand properly, I never felt left out of the game, or too frustrated. There are some moments where you need to pay attention, as just clicking everything, or trying things in every order either wont work, or would just take forever, so the game does take some skill.

There is a nice little twist and reveal upon the games completion, which really is lovely.

If you like point and click adventures, you should love this game. It is beautiful to watch, wonderful to play, and the music is also really lovely.

If you are unsure, play the demo first, and I am sure you will end up buying the full game.

This game started out as a dream on Kickstarter, and quickly raised enough funds to be completed. It is a true indy game, and we should all try to support independent game developers, who often do what they do for the love of gaming.

Although short, I really cant recommend this game enough, I absolutely loved it.

I score this 9/10. Just wish there was more of it.

By Jon Donnis.

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Check out the trailer below.

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