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16 Feb 2019

REVIEW: Estiman for Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis
Kool2Play are back with another unique title for Nintendo Switch.
Estiman is an endless arcade type game that has you clicking on shapes which represent the highest number of duplicated shapes on the screen. The faster you can "estimate" the more time you get.

Once you clear the screen more shapes will pop up. And as the games gets harder, the shapes will get harder to differentiate, so might look similar, have similar colours and so on, to try and confuse you.

The game is very original, and very simple, and is perfect for the kind of person who just likes to pick up a game and play without too much thought.

As we have all come to expect from Kool2Play, the soundtrack is great, this time it is a perfect ambient style soundtrack that is never distracting and actually quite relaxing.

As a simple easy to play game, you will find yourself picking up this game to play for 5 minutes here, or a few minutes there, it really is perfect for that kind of situation when you need to kill some time.

And for only £1.79 it's hardly anything to buy.

For such a simple and easy to play game, at such a low cost it is hard to really criticise the game at all.

Fun, simple game that you will keep coming back to.

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