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31 Jul 2019

The Outer Worlds - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Welcome to the future, try not to break it. The Outer Worlds, the upcoming single-player sci-fi RPG from Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division, is coming to Nintendo Switch!

Madden NFL 20 Launch Trailer – Bring It In | Xbox One

Face of the Franchise: QB1- Be the Face of an NFL franchise where the decisions you make matter in your journey to become an NFL Superstar. Create your own College Quarterback to play through the College Football National Championship playoffs and the NFL Combine for your shot at the NFL Draft and to be the face of a franchise in a new and personalised career campaign mode centred around you. Once selected to a team, engage with Madden’s new Scenario Engine which generates personalised playable scenarios, events and dynamic challenges that build the story of your unique NFL career.

Superstar X-Factor– Feel the emotion, personality and power of NFL Superstars with Superstar X-Factor, an all-new abilities progression system that reveals special abilities for today’s most exciting NFL Superstars when certain objectives are met in games. Combined with authentic personality & real player motion, the stars of the NFL truly come to life in Madden NFL 20. Take full control of player development with new ways to customise player abilities.

Franchise- Simulate a full NFL career and leave your legacy as a player, coach or owner with single-player and multiplayer online-connected leagues. Compete with up to 32 teams in your quest for a Super Bowl Dynasty. Complete with an annual Pro Bowl and Seasonal Awards.

Ultimate Team- Compete in the ultimate NFL fantasy team-building mode featuring your favourite NFL players from the past and present. Play games, collect rewards and upgrade your team with daily, fun and engaging challenges with live NFL content all year-long.

Buy from Amazon by clicking here (Opens in a new window)

Control - Story Trailer | PS4

I’d like to tell you about a dream I had last night...
In my dream, the Hiss had broken free of this prison, this house. At first, many people thought it was horrifying...but also many people wanted to welcome the Hiss in.
Ha ha, funny... And that’s all I can remember of that dream.
This is an ordinary song, about an ordinary girl, from an ordinary town…

Control is scheduled to release on August 27th 2019 for PS4 - <-- Amazon Link

Doctor Who - The Edge of Time - Gameplay Trailer | PS VR

First look gameplay footage from Doctor Who – The Edge of Time. This early beta code was showcased at Comicon San Diego and is taken from the opening level of the feature length game, out this September on PlayStation VR. Includes the Immersive 360 title sequence from the show.”

Published by PlayStack and developed by Maze Theory, Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time will transport fans into a globally-beloved world of aliens, mystery and wonder, letting them embark on a brand-new and fully-interactive adventure, inspired by the show’s 55-year history and starring the Doctor’s current incarnation, played by Jodie Whittaker.

Armed with the iconic Sonic Screwdriver, players will solve mind-bending puzzles, grapple with classic monsters and encounter new horizons in a quest to find the Doctor and defeat a powerful force that threatens to destroy the fabric of reality. They will face the infamous Daleks and other known faces from the Doctor’s world plus some brand new never-before-seen monsters as they travel through stunning cinematic environments that truly bring the show to life!

The Doctor has been hurled through time to the end of the universe. A virus that threatens to rip apart reality itself has been unleashed. Players can pilot the TARDIS on a journey across worlds both familiar and strange to recover a series of powerful time crystals that can repair spacetime and ultimately, save the universe itself. 

23 Jul 2019

Rocket League® - Knight Rider Car Pack

Knight Rider. A shadowy flight into Rocket League! Knight Industries has crafted its own K.I.T.T. to champion the cause of aerial goals and epic saves. The Knight Rider Car Pack includes the K.I.T.T. Battle-Car, plus K.I.T.T Wheels, and the Gullwing Topper. Self-driving capabilities not included. Available now for $1.99 (or regional equivalent) on XBOX!

Illusion of L'Phalcia - Official Trailer | PS4, PS Vita

Experience epic 3D battles and customize characters with Runes & Gems in a fantasy RPG with an adventure awaiting in search of the legendary Sword of Amal!

The Sword of Amal, a legendary treasure said to grant any wish. Ryser is traveling around the world as a seeker with his buddy, Cougar, from the Leopard clan, in search of this artifact of legend. Their journey will lead them into fateful encounters with both allies and rivals only to find a mysterious truth awaiting at the end of their adventure.

Overwhelm your enemies with beautifully animated skill chains and magic in turn-based 3D battles! Acquire Gems throughout the adventure and attach them to a character's Rune like a puzzle to enable learning magic, as well as gaining status boosts. Explore the unknown through dungeon crawling, subquests and many other challenges!

Automachef - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

It’s time to engineer tomorrow’s kitchen, today.

Plan. Position. Program: Design and build automated restaurants, then program them to run like well-oiled machines! Do you have a can-do attitude and the know-how to conquer the world of automated restaurants?

Challenging Puzzles: Fine tune your mind as you tackle intricate spatial, resource management and scenario puzzles! Not enough hot dogs? You’ll sort it! Kitchens on fire? No problem for a smart human like you!

Multiple Brain-Tickling Modes: Take on the campaign levels, traverse your way through the business world in contracts mode, or just go nuts and bolts in the sandbox test mode and play until you get your fill

Endless Charm and Quirky Humor: All delivered in an abundance by our helplessly misguided 'human' protagonist - Robert Person. Who is definitely a human. Don’t ask questions.

Platform Nintendo Switch
Release Date Jul 23, 2019
No. of Players 1 player
File Size 734 MB

21 Jul 2019

Have a Jurassic lark this October: RuneFest’s prehistoric theme sets the stage for the biggest RuneScape and Old School convention to date

Friday 19th July 2019, Cambridge, UK – Jagex today revealed the theme for RuneFest 2019, the ninth annual fan convention for RuneScape and Old School RuneScape players. The two-day event will be bending time on Friday 4th & Saturday 5th October, with its themed expo area taking inspiration from the prehistoric past of Gielinor as seen in RuneScape’s new dinosaur-infested Land Out of Time summer update, as well as the petrified present of Fossil Island as featured in Old School RuneScape.

RuneScape RuneFest 2019 theme reveal:

Taking place at the Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre, just outside London, UK, RuneFest attracts thousands of attendees and 2019 is set to be the biggest to date. The celebrations begin on the evening of 4th October with The Golden Gnomes Awards Night – a red-carpet evening that recognises the very best of the RuneScape and Old School RuneScape community’s achievements and names its champions.

18 Jul 2019

REVIEW: Pool Nation for PlayStation 4

Review by Jon Donnis
I was playing Jimmy White's 'Whirlwind' Snooker back on the Amiga in the early 90's, and since then I have been a fan of Snooker and Pool games. And there has been countless games over the years, some good, some ok, and some truly awful. So where does Pool Nation fit in this?

Well for a start there are just a few things you need to get right to make a good game.
1. Game Physics - Do the balls move as you would expect them to on a real table.
2. Graphics - Especially in 2019, anything less than near photo realism is a failure.
2. Game Modes - Other than the main game, what else is there to do?

Well I am happy to say that Pool Nation ticks all three boxes. It looks great, it plays great, and there is lots to do.

Although this is a "pool" game you can also play snooker. This is a nice addition, but it wont be the reason you buy this game, but the fact it is there very good news.

You can play online or offline as you would expect, everything is very slick, the presentation and so on. Live online matches play perfectly, there are leagues to enter, cups, the usual options.

There are some issues with Trophies, not sure what that's all about, but I don't really care about collecting trophies, so I am not at all bothered about this. And I am sure it will get fixed as new updates are released.

There is a Trick Shot mode coming soon as DLC, which I am looking forward to.

Overall this is a very good Pool game, you can play US or UK pool, snooker included, what more could you ask for.

I give this game a solid 8/10

Out now digitally on the PlayStation Store.  Physical releaseAugust 30th! 
Pool Nation will launch with an SRP of £15.99 / €19.99 / $19.99.

17 Jul 2019

Developer secrets revealed in new 'Inside FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE' video

LONDON (17th July 2019) – Square Enix Ltd., today released a brand-new video in the ongoing ‘Inside FINAL FANTASY®’ series that sheds light on the development of some of the most-beloved entries in the classic series.

Within the ‘Inside FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE™’ featurette, the talented creative minds behind the beloved game discuss its creation and their inspirations on making the vast and magical world of Ivalice, featuring interviews with the game’s director Takashi Katano and producer Hiroaki Kato.

Watch the ‘Inside FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE’ featurette

The ‘Inside FINAL FANTASY’ series takes viewers on a deep dive into the legacy of the series bringing together interviews with a variety of original creators, artists and developers. Previously released videos in the series have given in-depth looks at FINAL FANTASY IX, Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY!™, FINAL FANTASY VII and FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster, sharing new information on the development of these revered, fan-favourite titles. Follow the FINAL FANTASY YouTube channel for updates in the Inside FINAL FANTASY series:

FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE is now available for STEAM®, the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Nintendo Switch™ system and the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X. For more information, go to:

16 Jul 2019

Wired Productions & KeokeN Interactive Celebrate The Giant Leap That Inspired Deliver Us The Moon

Watford, UK – July 16, 2019 –– Award-winning publisher, Wired Productions and acclaimed Dutch game studio, KeokeN Interactive, have today released a developer video for Deliver us the Moon. The video highlights new gameplay from the upcoming Sci-Fi thriller along with narration from Koen Deetman, Game Director, explaining how he and his brother, Managing Director Paul Deetman, knew from an early age that their future was destined to involve space!

Currently in development for Steam, PlayStation® 4 and the Xbox One family of devices, including the Xbox One X, the team at KeokeN wanted to celebrate the heroic mission of the men and women who took part in Apollo 11’s journey to the Moon.  Inspired by their Grandpa’s stories the developers set about creating something that captured everything they used to dream about. Set 100 years after the first human-made object reached the surface of the Moon, Deliver Us The Moon even pays homage to the original moon landing, with the original moon lander and US flag recreated for players to visit!

“It’s unimaginable to think about how much bravery it takes to leave our home-planet and set foot on another celestial body.’ Said Koen Deetman. “My brother and I have always asked the question ‘What would it be like being an Astronaut’, and Deliver us the Moon was our way of living out our childhood dreams.”

Deliver Us The Moon is a Sci-Fi thriller set in an apocalyptic near future where Earth's natural resources are depleted. In an effort to solve the energy crisis, global powers created the World Space Agency and secured a promising new source of energy on the moon. The World Space Agency colonized and operated from the moon until one fateful night all communications with Earth ceased and the energy source was lost. Now, years later, you assume the role of Earth's last astronaut on a do-or-die mission to investigate what happened and save humanity. During this adventure, players only companion is a small robot named ASE. Together you will traverse the moon, explore abandoned facilities, gather clues and ultimately uncover the secrets and hidden agendas of those long gone!

Deliver us the Moon is scheduled for release later this year.

12 Jul 2019

DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 assembles onto PlayStation 4 today

LONDON (12th July 2019)  The summer of building begins today as DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2™ is now available on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system. Square Enix Ltd’s., highly anticipated block-building role-playing game is a completely standalone experience that will satisfy long-time fans and newcomers alike with its charming gameplay, expansive world, brand new co-op feature and endless building possibilities.

Buy now From Amazon By Clicking Here (Link opens in a new window)

View the DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 launch trailer below:

In DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2, players take on the role of a young apprentice builder who finds themselves washed up on the Isle of Awakening alongside Malroth, a mysterious youth suffering from amnesia. Together, the two explore different islands while developing skills to become a “Master Builder” by helping townsfolk, crafting materials and fighting off enemies.

As a follow-up to the acclaimed 2016 game DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS, the sequel introduces online multiplayer for the first time, allowing up to four friends to play together and create something truly magnificent. DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 also features a plethora of upgrades, including the ability to construct bigger structures, travel by soaring, swimming and dashing, farming crops, first person mode and much more, making for an experience that is bigger, better and buildier than ever before! DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 is a standalone experience featuring new characters, an expansive world, unlimited building combinations, and a storyline that’s sure to satisfy long-time fans and newcomers.

Players can purchase the digital deluxe edition of the game, which includes a Season Pass, featuring three DLC packs released after launch, giving access to recipes, hairstyles, clothing and all-new areas to explore. The Season Pass is also available to purchase separately from today.

●       Hotto Stuff Pack (available from 26th July)- Including more than 40 recipes to help players design and decorate structures in the style of the Hotto Steppe - a popular resting area in a distant land. Players will also gain access to an all-new island with the materials needed to build these new recipes.

●       Aquarium Pack - The world of DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 has become your oyster. A fishing island awaits you, where you can learn how to catch and breed 40 different fish that can be added to your own DIY aquarium. Unlock an additional tool, the fishing rod, as well as customisation options and apparel fitting of a water bound adventure.

●       Modernist Pack - This set includes over 70 recipes for modern-looking structures, hairstyles and clothing. Build a luxury hotel, modern condominiums and more with the largest new set of recipes yet.

DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 is available now for the PlayStation®4 system. For more information, visit:

11 Jul 2019

Heavy Metal Machines Rocks Up with the Launch of Metal Pass Season 5 ‘Rockaway Beach’

Florianopolis, Brazil – July 10, 2019 – Hoplon, the developers behind post-apocalyptic car-combat MOBA, Heavy Metal Machines, today saw the launch of its latest season of content for the ‘Metal Pass’ titled ‘Rockaway Beach’, which introduces a new pilot as well as introducing emotes into the game.

‘Rockaway Beach’, will bring over 100 new rewards to the players and includes a new Metal God Arena with new thematic visuals, new songs on the main menu. Additionally, entering battle is the new character ‘Vulture’, a bounty hunter who is set to be first character to use a motorbike, rather than a 4 wheeled vehicle.

As a member of the decimated bounty hunter motorcycle gang, the Vulture Blades MC, he has now transformed into a Golem so that he may cheat death and stay in the hunt for all eternity. Numb to most of his senses, the excitement of the hunt is the only thing that makes him feel alive.

A preview of Vulture can be viewed here:

Also added to the game this season are emotes. Players will now be able to use these equipable items to let other players know how they are feelings once they have decimated the competition to reign victorious in the arenas . Players will be able to equip up to five emotes that can be used at any time during a match. The emotes are available as rewards on Metal Pass 5, and there are other models available at the in-game store.

Rodrigo Campos, CEO commented: “We are thrilled to be announcing the new season of content for players. With Heavy Metal Machines, we feel there is a playstyle for each individual, so there really is something for everyone. Our tournaments are open to all, no matter their skill level, so there’s no excuse not to just invite your friends and team up, to take on the competition. With real world money on the line, we’re expecting the competition to be fierce, so we’ve laid down the challenge to our players – start your engines and join the arenas of Metal City.”

The fifth season of the Metal League starts on 10th August 2019 and features weekly tournaments which are open to all player at no additional cost. For more information about the Metal League and to find out how to take part please visit the website

9 Jul 2019

Pool Nation, the ultimate Pool Simulator for PlayStation 4®, has launched on PSN

Manchester, UK - July 9th, 2019 – Indie developer Cherry Pop Games today confirms that the ultimate billiards simulator Pool Nation, has today launched on the PlayStation Store. Not only that, they’ve pulled the ultimate trick shot and have teamed up with award-winning video games publisher Wired Productions Ltd to bring the title to physical retailers August 30th! Pool Nation will launch with an SRP of £15.99 / €19.99 / $19.99.

Watch the launch trailer

Pool Nation for PlayStation 4® delivers a stunningly realistic on - or offline billiards experience, expanding upon the incredibly popular original PlayStation 3® release with a variety of new multiplayer features, new locations, rule-set customization and more. Developed with Unreal® Engine 4, Pool Nation is a great addition for pool and snooker fans on the PlayStation 4® - offering the most comprehensive pool game on the market!

Prepare yourself for pixel perfect physics, photo-realistic graphics and super-detailed visuals in this truly immersive representation of the sport. Play live matches seamlessly online, compete in Leagues, enroll in the Pool Nation Cup, explore the unique rule set customization tool and re-discover this much-loved sport. Pool Nation gives players the ability to pot with:

Leagues (Online competitive mode) - Players must climb the ladder and play with skill to avoid relegation to lower leagues

Play for In-game Cash – Online competitive mode. Players progress through varying difficulty levels, the more coins you earn, the higher levels you unlock

Friendlies – Invite friends to play online, customize your game type, rules, locations and more

Versus – Offline game for one or two players. Play against the AI or locally against friends.

Pool Career – Offline single-player career, start out in the qualifiers earn your place in the first cup.

Daily Challenges – Play the daily game of 3 Ball to unlock a chance to win free coins, pot 3 balls to win a random daily prize

Endurance – Keep sinking balls into pockets as they fall from above. Pot multiple balls in a row, or perform a skill shot and earn a ‘Drop Stop’ giving you a brief respite from the falling balls.

Trick shots - New and updated trick shot editor giving you the ability to easily make epic trick shots will be launched soon as free DLC.

For more information, please visit -

RuneScape ‘fossil-itates’ the introduction of dinosaurs with the launch of The Land Out of Time

Tuesday 9th July 2019, Cambridge, UK – Bringing an array of deadly dinosaurs to RuneScape for the very first time, the game’s major summer content update – The Land Out of Time – is now available, enabling adventurers to delve into Gielinor’s distant, prehistoric past. The launch trailer is below

Available to all RuneScape members, The Land Out of Time sees the introduction of Anachronia, a long-forgotten primordial landmass with its ferocious inhabitants, including Gielinor’s own breeds of Triceratops, Pterodactyls, and mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex.

In addition to a brand-new island to explore, The Land Out of Time also delivers new activities to master, new creatures to hunt and slay, a base for players to build with gathered resources, as well as the longest agility course ever constructed in RuneScape, challenging players to traverse the entire perimeter of Anachronia.

The Land Out of Time introduces:

Big Game Hunter: High-intensity activity featuring the tracking and trapping of giant dinosaurs
New Slayer monsters to overcome: Defeat new creatures and the deadly fauna that populate Anachronia
The longest agility course in RuneScape history! Traverse around the entire landmass and boost your Agility skill, and fast travel in style
Set up camp: Level up your base camp, established in the ruins of a forgotten civilisation on the island, through skilling and resource gathering
The Land Out of Time is the latest in several RuneScape updates set to launch over the next year that will uncover Gielinor’s ancient past, including new quests and activities. A prologue quest, Desperate Times, was released in May, while players helped the in-game shipbuilders gather resources to finish a ship seaworthy enough to reach the new landmass, utilising eight different skills including Farming, Magic, Smithing, and Crafting, in the recent limited time event, Breaking the Storm.

Dave Osborne, Lead Designer, RuneScape, said:

“We’re really excited that after 11 years the shipbuilders of Varrock have finally finished their ship and we can set sail to The Land Out of Time. Today’s launch brings significant new ways to play in RuneScape, not least the deadly cat-and-mouse game with our dinosaurs in Big Game Hunter, and the longest agility course in Gielinor ever, which goes around the entire landmass of Anachronia. We can’t wait to begin revealing more of the mystery surrounding the island over the months ahead!”

The island of Anachronia is accessible for players of all experience levels, with some activities needing different tiers of skill requirements in order to take part. Big Gaming Hunter requires at least level 75 in Hunting, while the new Slayer master – Lanniakea – requires players to have at least level 90 in the Slayer skill before she doles out new cluster tasks to complete.

3 Jul 2019

Fan-favourite FINAL FANTASY VII heroine Tifa now available in DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT

LONDON (3rd July 2019) – Square Enix Ltd., today announced that Tifa, the fan-favourite character from FINAL FANTASY® VII, is now available for purchase as a downloadable character in both DISSIDIA® FINAL FANTASY NT and DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Free Edition for STEAM and the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system.

Watch the DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Tifa reveal trailer

Tifa Lockhart joins the ever-expanding playable roster of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT today, bringing her powerful brawler playstyle to the game. As an Assassin character, Tifa is a master of martial arts, and able to unlock varied and powerful moves the more she hits her foes. Her Limit Break ability enhances her allies according to the number of successes she manages to roll on the slot machine reels that appear on-screen.

Additionally, to celebrate the recent launch of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers™, the latest expansion for critically-acclaimed MMO FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, players can download a special new appearance for the downloadable character Zenos yae Galvus. Zenos’ Legatus of the XIIth appearance will be available to download for free from today until 16:59 BST / 17:59 CET on 7th August 2019 on STEAM and until 23:59 local time on 7th August 2019 on PlayStation®4. For more information about FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers, visit:

Both DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT and DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Free Edition are now available on STEAM and the PlayStation®4 system. To learn more about DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT, go to

‘Summer of Combat’ on Route to Indie Hit GRIP: Combat Racing

Watford, UK – July 3, 2019 –– Wired Productions Ltd., an award-winning independent video games publisher, and leading developer Caged Element Inc., today revealed plans for GRIP’s Summer of Combat as they close in on the first anniversary of the arcade racer’s full multi-format release.

Check out the new trailer here:

The Summer of Combat campaign is going to make the summer sizzle even hotter and commences with an action-packed free weekend for Xbox Live Gold members. The free weekend event begins Thursday, July 4 at 12:01 a.m. PT and runs through to Sunday, July 7 at 11:59 p.m. PT, alongside a 50% sale for racers that want to keep the battle going after the chequered flag waves! Summer of Combat then moves to PlayStation 4, Switch and PC, with weekly developer races and a scorching amount of new content. From new tracks and arena maps, to brand-new vehicles (including an as yet unannounced new licensed IP!) – in addition to a host of new updates and optimization as the developers continuously look to fine-tune GRIP for its players!

GRIP’s Summer of Combat will include:

Xbox Gold Free Play Days (July 4th to 7th)
New Artifex vehicle manufacturer containing 3 new AirBlade and Roller vehicles (DLC)
Two new free Space tracks
New garage cosmetic packs to further customise your vehicles (DLC)
New free Orbital Prime ‘Skate Style Park’ arena map
New retro car DLC pack

… and to be revealed new car, inspired by an 80’s classic
Powered by Unreal® Engine 4, GRIP: Combat Racing was a holiday hit in 2018. Since its launch, Wired Productions and Caged Element have released six free tracks, created battle lines with Red Vs Blue team modes and in May 2019, dropped the game changing update ‘AirBlades’ – which introduced anti-grav racers to the track for adrenaline pounding wheel-to-wing action, flipping the title on its head in a first for the genre!

GRIP: Combat Racing can be purchased now for console platforms (SRRP £34.99 / €34.99) and PC (SRRP £24.99 / €24.99 )

1 Jul 2019

Mario Tennis Aces - Dry Bowser - Nintendo Switch

New playable characters are heading to Mario Tennis Aces! Dry Bowser will join the roster in July!

A brand new Mario Tennis game is bringing a new level of skill and competition to Nintendo Switch: Mario Tennis Aces! Mario steps onto the court in classy tennis garb for intense rallies against a variety of characters in full-blown tennis battles. New wrinkles in tennis gameplay will challenge your ability to read an opponent's position and stroke to determine which shot will give you the advantage. And this time the game adds the first story mode since the Mario Tennis: Power Tour game on Game Boy Advance, offering a new flavour of tennis gameplay, with a variety of missions, boss battles and more

Buy from Amazon here