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11 Jul 2019

Heavy Metal Machines Rocks Up with the Launch of Metal Pass Season 5 ‘Rockaway Beach’

Florianopolis, Brazil – July 10, 2019 – Hoplon, the developers behind post-apocalyptic car-combat MOBA, Heavy Metal Machines, today saw the launch of its latest season of content for the ‘Metal Pass’ titled ‘Rockaway Beach’, which introduces a new pilot as well as introducing emotes into the game.

‘Rockaway Beach’, will bring over 100 new rewards to the players and includes a new Metal God Arena with new thematic visuals, new songs on the main menu. Additionally, entering battle is the new character ‘Vulture’, a bounty hunter who is set to be first character to use a motorbike, rather than a 4 wheeled vehicle.

As a member of the decimated bounty hunter motorcycle gang, the Vulture Blades MC, he has now transformed into a Golem so that he may cheat death and stay in the hunt for all eternity. Numb to most of his senses, the excitement of the hunt is the only thing that makes him feel alive.

A preview of Vulture can be viewed here:

Also added to the game this season are emotes. Players will now be able to use these equipable items to let other players know how they are feelings once they have decimated the competition to reign victorious in the arenas . Players will be able to equip up to five emotes that can be used at any time during a match. The emotes are available as rewards on Metal Pass 5, and there are other models available at the in-game store.

Rodrigo Campos, CEO commented: “We are thrilled to be announcing the new season of content for players. With Heavy Metal Machines, we feel there is a playstyle for each individual, so there really is something for everyone. Our tournaments are open to all, no matter their skill level, so there’s no excuse not to just invite your friends and team up, to take on the competition. With real world money on the line, we’re expecting the competition to be fierce, so we’ve laid down the challenge to our players – start your engines and join the arenas of Metal City.”

The fifth season of the Metal League starts on 10th August 2019 and features weekly tournaments which are open to all player at no additional cost. For more information about the Metal League and to find out how to take part please visit the website

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