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4 Dec 2019

DayZ Livonia Release Trailer

DayZ experience so far..
😞 Not enough food or water?
😟 Having a hard time fighting the weather conditions?
😠 Getting owned by fellow players?
🧟 Being dinner to hoards of Zombies?

Well, we have something exhilarating for you!

Welcome to Livonia!
We would like to introduce all of the above challenges with the inclusion of a huge relentless Eurasian Brown Bear to claw your face off!
If that’s not enough, less canned food, harsher weather conditions and a map designed to have more player interactions.
Oh, and being Zombie food? Well, that will still happen..

This stunning new environment reclaimed by nature will challenge all the survival tactics you have acquired during DayZ so far.
Once again you will feel lost.
You will be encouraged to forage, hunt and fish for food.
Finding or building shelter, gearing up with appropriate clothing and living off the land is advised.

Good luck survivor!

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