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10 Dec 2019

REVIEW - AVICII Invector - Launches Globally Today On Multiple Formats

Review by Jon Donnis
I'm a huge AVICII fan, and I was devastated when we lost Tim Bergling back in April.
I was very much looking forward to this game, and I have been playing it non stop for a few weeks now. So there is your first hint that I really like this.

The easiest way to describe this game is as Guitar Hero without the guitar. You control a spaceship on rails and you have to press buttons that correspond with what shows up on the screen. It really is immense fun, and if you are a fan of AVICCI and electronic dance music, then you will find that you turn up your TV or speakers really loud, and just enjoy both the music and the gameplay.

As you would expect there are different difficulty levels, and with a lot of practice you can become an expert even on the hard setting.

There are 25 tracks in the game to play/listen along to, and there is a local multiplayer mode too.

All of this is neatly presented through a story line with nice cut scenes.

All in all a nice, clean, fun game for all fans of AVICII and his music.

Maybe I am slightly biased since I am such a fan, but the game really does play excellently. I wonder if it is compatible with a Guitar Hero Guitar?

9/10 - Xbox One version.

Review by Jon Donnis

AVICII Invector, which launches globally today on Xbox One, PlayStation®4 Entertainment System and PC via Steam and Utomik.

Created and developed by Hello There Games in partnership with Wired Productions, and with the full support of AVICII Music, AVICII Invector is a fast-paced rhythm experience which fuses AVICII’s trademark brand of uplifting EDM music with serene visualscapes to allow everyone to feel and experience his music in a new way.

Bringing AVICII’s completed vision to multiple platforms for the very first time, this new release includes a host of enhancements with three iconic and never before played tracks plus a new playable world, inspired by the album Tim and featuring a solitary environment brought to live with color and the beats of AVICII’s genius.

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