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3 Feb 2020

Kick your Way to Victory in ‘Ganbare! Super Strikers'Coming Soon to Consoles!

Leon, Spain — February 3rd, 2020
A few seconds are on the clock, the opposing team’s goalie is preparing to block, your team only needs one more goal to win the game, how will you score the goal?

Build your soccer team in ‘Ganbare! Super Strikers’ to bring your small-town soccer team to the nationals. Implement strategy and different tactics ,as you level up your characters to score goals and push back against many rival teams to become the best soccer team in Japan or even…the world!

Developed by Rese Games, ‘Ganbare! Super Strikers’ provides a unique twist to the sports genre by combining to unlucky genres together. Ratalaika Games’ is pleased to announce that ‘Ganbare! Super Strikers’ will be ported to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch later this month.

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