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28 Feb 2020

REVIEW: Music Racer on Xbox One - By Jon Donnis

Review by Jon Donnis
I was sent a copy of Music Racer by Sometimes You, and immediately the game reminded me of a game I reviewed last year called Avicii Invector, and that is a problem, as I really loved that game, so straight away Music Racer is up against strong competition.

The game itself is a simple rhythm game, you ride along tracks, and you collect music notes, each track has 3 positions for you to move the car, and depending what mode you are in will depend on if there are obstacles to avoid or not. Unlike Avicii Invector, you don't have to press any corresponding buttons as you collect the notes, you just collect them.

There are 4 modes, although the cinematic mode you cant really play, so let's ignore that. You have Normal (basic obstacles to avoid, if you hit one you will lose your combo score), Expert (hit one obstacle and it is game over) and Zen (no obstacles, just collect the note and enjoy yourself.

As you complete levels you get points based on how good you did.
The more points you get, the more cars and track you can unlock.
There are 14 levels and 25 cars, all cars can be customised too, with different colours and so on, but this doesn't really affect the car other than visually.

There are some classic cars in there though, the Trans Am from Knightrider (KITT), and a DeLorean from Back To The Future, stand out

The tracks are created in real time based on the songs that are being played.
Sadly these are not songs you will recognise, and although decent songs, it is a shame that you cannot somehow play the game using your own songs, I believe you can do that on the mobile version. Why can't we just plug in a USB stick with some MP3s on and play them? It would make the game instantly 10 times better.

The graphics are stunning, truly amazing, my main problem with the game is the game play itself, it gets repetitive fast, and although those gamer points drop thick and fast as you unlock things, I am not sure this is a game you will come back to once you have unlocked everything.

Its a fun game, cheap price, give it go.

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