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30 Apr 2020

MotoGP™20 | Launch Trailer

Rev up your engines for a new chapter of the MotoGP™ series! MotoGP™20 is back with a revived Managerial Career mode and more. Awaiting you are even more realistic graphics, improved gameplay, a new way to experience the historic content and all the excitement of the 2020 season!

Decide whether to join a 2020 season team and race together with the official riders or join a totally brand new team following your manager's advice. A complete entourage is ready to support you on path to the glory.

Improve your bike's performance during specific career tests by introducing changes to certain technical aspects:

MotoGP™20 introduces major graphic improvements to sky, asphalt, settings, weather, lighting, vegetation and damage on the bike, which will also have an effect on its overall performance. You will be able to enjoy more realistic physics, where you will have to learn to monitor your tire wear and the braking system.The new 3D models of the riders, the face scans of official team managers and new animations will make you feel even more immersed in the MotoGP™ world.

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WRC 9 Gameplay - Rally New Zealand

A glimpse of the work put in by KT Racing to recreate the iconic Rally New Zealand, which is making a big return to the FIA World Rally Championship calendar after a seven-year absence. It is one of three new rallies this season, along with the Safari Rally in Kenya and Rally Japan, which fans and players of WRC are eagerly anticipating.

WRC 9 will be available on September 3rd, 2020 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and on the Epic Games Store. Release timing for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch will be announced at a later date.

Buy WRC 8 while you wait for WRC 9

28 Apr 2020

REVIEW: Gun Crazy on Xbox One

Review by Jon Donnis
I was kinda sent a review code by Ratalaika Games.
Gun Crazy is a an old school throw back to the run and gun arcade style action shoot em’ from the 90s that some of us grew up with on Sega Megadrive/Genesis and SNES.

Whereas we may have paid $40/$50 for a game back then, Gun Crazy is available for just a fraction of that at $4.99 on all platforms.

Your character is a female cop, and you battle your way through 4 unique levels, killing bad guys along the way, and of course you get the big bad boss to beat at the end of the level too.

There are different guns to collect, lots of enemies, and non stop action.

So lets talk about the good.
This is a fast paced game, lots going on, and a real throwback to some of the classic games like Gunstar Heroes. The graphics are very much in that style too. For you gamer point fans, the points drop thick and fast and you will get the maximum pretty quick. But for $5 you would hardly expect a 100 hour game.

And the bad?
Well you will finish the game relatively quick, and it is only 1 player, with only one character to control.

This is a fun, action shooter, nice and simple, you don't need to think to much, just load it up and straight into the action. Thoroughly enjoyable.


Review by Jon Donnis

Release Dates
SONY America: April 28th, 2020
SONY Europe: April 29th, 2020
Xbox One: April 30th, 2020
Nintendo Switch (NA & EU): May 1st, 2020


25 Apr 2020

SuperMash - Release Trailer | PS4

Have you ever wanted to see what would happen if you threw Platformer mechanics into a JRPG battle? What would you do if you had to fly Shoot 'em Up ships in the middle of a stealthy heist? Expect the unexpected with SuperMash, the game that makes games!

SuperMash will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch on May 8, developer Digital Continue announced. The game, in which players can mix together elements from two-to-six classic genres to create unique gaming experiences, first launched for PC via the Epic Games Store in December 2019

Tropico 6 - Spitter DLC trailer

It’s all about the fame and prestige. Nobody knows this better than a self-declared despot...uh, statesman, such as El Presidente. Tropico 6’s second DLC skyrockets you into the world of stardom and illustriousness.

At the heart of the DLC is the new Spitter social media mechanic, which allows you to interact with celebrities and faction leaders to increase your standing. Enjoy the new mission and sandbox map, along with 3 new buildings (Rehab Center, Beauty Farm and Super Villa) to attract celebrities and make them permanent citizens of Tropico, a new character trait (Narcissist), 3 new music tracks (Comercio Feliz, La Celebridad, Fiesta en el Club) and additional customization items for El Prez and his palace.

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24 Apr 2020

Trials of Mana™, now available for the Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation 4 and STEAM

LONDON (24th April 2020) – Trials of Mana™, now available for the Nintendo Switch™ system, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and STEAM®.

Originally released in Japan as Seiken Densetsu 3 in 1995, Trials of Mana is a full, high-definition remake of the third entry in the classic Mana series. The game immerses players in an unforgettable adventure filled with exciting gameplay, memorable heroes and villains. Players will craft varying experiences by selecting a party of three from six unique characters as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime, upgrading their characters’ classes into more powerful forms, learning over 300 different abilities, and discovering a world of secrets and mysteries to explore. Additionally, players can discover an exciting new playable chapter after finishing the game not found in the original release, in which they can unlock brand-new classes, and challenge a powerful new threat.

To celebrate the release of Trials of Mana, popular series artist HACCAN has created new artwork showing the beloved cast of memorable characters fans and newcomers alike will enjoy discovering in Trials of Mana.

Players who have downloaded the playable demo for Trials of Mana can continue their save files in the full game to immediately jump back into the adventure. Additionally, those who purchase the physical or digital versions of the game by 21st May 2020 for the Nintendo Switch™ system or PlayStation®4 system will receive a Rabite Adornment DLC, allowing players to gain more EXP after battles up to level 10, whilst those who purchase from STEAM by 21st May will receive the Rabite Adornment DLC as well as an exclusive wallpaper set.

Trials of Mana is now available for Nintendo Switch™ system, PlayStation®4 system and STEAM. For more information, visit

23 Apr 2020

REVIEW: Deliver Us The Moon on Xbox One

I was kindly sent a review copy of Deliver us the Moon for Xbox by the great people at Wired Productions.

The game is a "Sci-Fi thriller set in an apocalyptic near future, where Earth's natural resources are depleted. A lone astronaut is sent to the moon on a critical mission to save humanity from extinction."

So the description sounds pretty awesome and unique, but lets not rush ahead, first of all the game is beautiful, truly stunning to look at and you know that the game makers must be very proud of that.

The game is a story driven game, so a good story is important, and again the game makers should feel proud because the story is a good one, and you do very quickly feel immersed in that story. Whether the story is told through narration, audio logs that you collect, things you may read as well as cut scenes, it can be a bit slow moving, although you never feel bored of the story.

As a thriller the main fear of the game is driven through the feeling of loneliness, there aren't monsters jumping out at you, or anything like that, so the game uses storytelling as well as incredible visuals to really push home the idea you are alone, and if you fail to do something in time, then that is it.

You start off on Earth, a storm is approaching and you have to get to the rocket so you can get yourself on the way to the moon, of course nothing is a walk in the park, and you have to over come obstacles, whether that is solving a code, reaching a hard to get to area, doing something within a set period of time.

And don't think you will get to the moon too quick either, there's a lot to do before then, whether that is taking off in the rocket, docking with a space station, solving various story line issues there and so on, But when you do get to the moon, for what is such a baron place, it truly is stunning. Look at this shot below!

As a story driven game, sadly this does mean that game play has to take a backseat, so if you are after an arcade shooter, this really isn't the game for you, and there are some repetitive parts of the game which you do notice, but if you appreciate a good story, incredible visuals, then you will enjoy this.

There are some issues with the camera, it feels a bit clunky at times, and I am guessing they were going for more of a cinematic style, but sometimes it can be a bit slow, and frustrating, and sometimes you swap between an external shot and a first person shot, and you can't choose one or the other, which is frustrating, for example when you first dock with the space station and you are suddenly floating about, it is really hard to see where you are supposed to go, and although the feeling of not knowing which way is up or down is a good thing when you are playing a game in space, when you cant see clearly where you are going that becomes frustrating instead of challenging.

This is a hard game to score, it has its good points and its bad points.
If you are thinking of buying it, I really suggest you check out some of the game play videos you will find on Youtube to decide if it is the kind of game you would enjoy.

The Good
Graphically brilliant, excellent story driven game play, a true feeling of loneliness and desperation.

The Bad
Short game, probably complete it in about 5 hours if not sooner, frustrating camera angles.

I enjoyed the game, I enjoy story driven games, so this game was good for me. But it wont be to everyone's liking. Do your research before you decide to play.

I score this game a strong 7/10

Review by Jon Donnis

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17 Apr 2020


LOS ANGELES – April 17, 2020 – Gear up racers! Pre-registration for KartRider Rush+, the newest free-to-play mobile adventure coming soon to iOS and Android is now open. Players can sign-up and begin collecting exclusive pre-registration rewards; after 3 million pre-registrations, all players will receive every reward including rare items such as a Skelemech Kart, and Slugger Dao!

Based on the massively popular KartRider universe with over 300 million players worldwide, KartRider Rush+ delivers non-stop fun with several game modes including:

Speed Race Mode: This mode challenges racers to compete against each other and use their drifting skills to earn EXP that can unlock more challenging tracks
Arcade Mode: Whether playing solo or in teams, this mode provides additional gameplay modes such as Item Race, Infini-Boost or Lucci Runner
Ranked Mode: From Bronze to Living Legend, players can rank up tiers and earn rewards such as K-Coins to purchase a variety of items in the Shop
Story Mode: Players can join Dao and his friends to save the tracks from Lodumani’s evil deeds
Time Trial: Racers will beat the clock to become the fastest racer

With more than 50 race tracks and 20 karts, the game features extensive customization options so players can individualize their gameplay experience and kart to suit their unique racing style.

Racers can maximize social interaction in KartRider Rush+  by playing competitive matches in real-time with friends around the world. The game also includes a Home feature where players can customize their space with different accessories and complete daily quests, as well as interact with friends and play mini-games. 

In addition, KartRider Rush+ introduces a Mentorship system allowing new racers to find top racers to help improve their skills as they complete quests together and receive mentorship perks and rewards. The game also features a Club system, which lets racers band together to complete challenges, daily activities, and earn rewards as they race their way to the top.

To pre-register for KartRider Rush+, please visit

KartRider Rush+ will be available globally in multiple languages including English, Korean, Thai, and Traditional Chinese.  

16 Apr 2020

Later Daters - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Play as an octogenarian and find somebody to love, or just get your kicks in while the getting is good. If the chairs are rocking', don’t come a-knockin'.

You’re the newest resident at Ye OLDE retirement community, where you’ll meet a cast of sexy seniors who are all dying (not literally) to meet you. It’s a lot like summer camp, but with orthopedic shoes, bridge clubs, and more jell-o. It’s an adjustment as you settle in, but who knows: maybe these will turn out to be the best years of your life!

Adventure, passion, and transformation are not experiences reserved for the young. Later Daters makes challenging ageism sexy and teaches poignant lessons about our capacity for love.

Gameplay Features:
Play as a sexy senior! Customize your look, name, romance history, and gender.
Have some intimate adventures that deal with mortality, vulnerability, and getting some action.
Enjoy LGBTQ inclusive romance and poly relationship options.
Pick your favorite companion creature : A cat, a dog... Or a robot?
Date and flirt with eight fetching residents of Ye OLDE...

15 Apr 2020

Active Neurons - New Puzzle Game release April 29th

Active Neurons - Puzzle game will be released on Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita on April 29th! Price is just $4.99 everywhere!

Active Neurons is a game that trains the player in spatial logical thinking.

By controlling the power of thought, you must charge the neurons. The more the neurons are charged, the healthier the brain becomes. The healthier the brain becomes, the more of a fully-fledged life the person will live.

It may seem simple, but it won't be as simple as it seems. To choose the direction of movement, the power of thought should be at rest, so it is important for you to correctly use the obstacles presented on every level.

Think, make a decision, and look for the right path to the neurons in order to charge them.

Our brain works much like a computer without the chips. Neurons are the primary components of the nervous system. They send and receive information in the form of electrical signals from the sensory organs, facilitating communication with the brain.

Do not forget to charge your brain! This is exactly what you need to do in the game, while simultaneously charging the neurons in real life!

- 120 logical tasks
- More than 15 types of unique mechanics
- Meditative music that creates an additional atmosphere in the game
- Support for color blindness mode

REVIEW: STATIONflow by Tak Fujii Launches TODAY on Steam

Review by Jon Donnis
I was kindly sent a copy of STATIONflow by DMM GAMES LLC for review, the basic premise of the game is you build up a train station pretty much from scratch, and as your level increases you unlock more in game features.

It is a simple premise and one that is the staple of pretty much all sim games of the past, all the way back to Sim City. And although graphics change and things become more detailed, the main premise always remains the same, you build something up, the game throws obstacle in your way and you try to overcome them.

STATIONflow visually takes on an almost unique approach, it's minimalistic graphics give a real sense of something unique, and as you build more and more complex 3D layouts for your station, you really need to keep on top of things if you want to keep your passengers happy. All of this along with the usual budget restrictions, management reviewing you every day, progress reports etc, make this a fun game, if a bit frustrating at times.

You can play the preset maps, or create your own, and although the preset maps are interesting, the create your own ones are the best, each play through you will realise better and more interesting ways to lay things out, you will probably start (as I did) making everything as easy as possible, but then on the next play through you will find yourself becoming more and more creative, and now that the game is live on STEAM, you can now share and download maps from people all over the world on Steam Workshop.

So what's good and what's not so good about the game.
Well the good first, it works as a sim game, it had the addictive nature that makes you want to start over, and then over again, as you come up with more creative ideas. The graphics are simple but detailed, and you will find yourself fully immersed in the game.

As for the bad, sometimes things can get to "busy" on screen, and I don't mean the passengers, you will find that your view is obstructed by the very thing you are building, the arrow signs are guilty of this, sometimes lining up corridors with other buildings, staircases etc can be a pain, and if you are off by one pixel they wont connect, although the game brags that you are not constrained by grids, in fact a grid system here would probably help. The control system for moving around also seems a bit poorly made, although you do soon get used to it. There should be a way to easily update directional queues like the arrows or tops and bottoms of stairs, instead of having to do each one manually.

These are little gripes I had when I first started the game, but I soon got used to them and worked around them, I do think the game makers could improve these things and perhaps they will if enough people are complaining about the same issues. But please do not let these things put you off.

This is a fun game, I've spent hours and hours playing it, much more than I needed to play just for the review, I enjoy this game, and perhaps the little issues I have will be fixed and then I will enjoy it even more.

I do recommend this game. And I score it 7/10

Review by Jon Donnis

Landlord's Super - Launch Trailer

MinskWorks and Yogscast Games today announced Landlord’s Super will launch 30 April on Steam Early Access. Your quintessential construction simulator is here. Take a dodgy loan, restore a property, move in the locals, attend to their grievances, then celebrate with a pint in this fully-simulated, open-world 1980's Britain.

Landlord's Super is a first-person construction simulation set in Britain’s murky midlands during the polarizing years of the 1980s. With the mines closed and unemployment sky-high, it’s down to players to build their way out of poverty with hammer and spanner in hand.

Mix cement, assemble scaffolding, order supplies and rebuild a community’s hope brick-by-brick. Take odd jobs and explore abandoned homes or spend the day at the pub alongside a cast of local personalities and dodgy characters. Plan your actions in a living world around the time of day, major events, seasonal weather and your own wellbeing. Some days it’s better to drink the day away than climb a scaffold in the rain.

“Landlord’s Super is about a Britain that’s dear to me,” says MinskWorks’ founder Greg Pryjmachuk. “It’s a Britain that’s not just tweed and jokes about being posh; it’s a Britain that’s more diverse and more working class. I hope players enjoy this early visit West Berklands and I hope you’ll stick with us as the game grows over the coming months.”

Landlord’s Super launches for Steam Early Access on 30 April 2020 for £15.49 ($19.99, €16.79) offering an early look at the in-development game. Landlord’s Super already features a dynamic open world, construction and crafting gameplay, job center, rag-and-bone man, seasons and dynamic weather, boozing and bodily functions, and The Anchor pub. Bugs, features and optimization continue to be worked on.

14 Apr 2020

21 Minutes of Grounded - Single Player Gameplay

The world is a vast, beautiful and dangerous place – especially when you have been shrunk to the size of an ant. Explore, build and survive together in this first person, multiplayer, survival-adventure. Can you thrive alongside the hordes of giant insects, fighting to survive the perils of the backyard?

PandaBall - Gameplay Trailer | PS4

PandaBall is a Local Multiplayer. Play 1 vs. 1 with 5 pandas on each team. Use Powerups and different Balls to your advantage to beat your opponet. Fun and fast gameplay. Level up and unlock new pandas and maps to play with, and unlock each pandas unique items. Welcome to Pamuria!

On an island in the middle of nowhere, the world of Pamuria exists. A tropical island with an array of different environments, from dense jungles, sandy beaches, mountain tops and sunny cliff sites. Overall a hidden utopia, excluded and hidden from the rest of world, in the middle of an unknown ocean. On Pamuria animals live a life in perfect harmony with the environment and ocean surrounding the island, and with the island providing everything from food and water, shelter, comfort – simply all basic needs. Every animal on Pamuria are herbivores, and the leading animal is the Panda species. With no immediate danger and a great setting for procreation: life on Pamuria is perfect!

But, when life is that peaceful and ”perfect”, a sense of boredom eventually begins to build up…

9 Apr 2020

TT Isle of Man - Ride On The Edge 2 - Launch Trailer | PS4

Get ready for the most intense road race known to the Isle of Man. Your journey to the TT starts now, upgrade your bike, master the winding roads, and high-speed straights of Snaefell Mountain.

Without a shadow of a doubt it is one of the most dangerous motorbike races in the world. In TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge 2, you prove your worth in different championships before setting out to conquer the Snaefell mountain course, a 60 km-long track with both winding and straight sections that will push your riding skills to the limit. TT2 features 17 additional tracks, 18 different motorbikes including classic models, and the official riders. And now it's more realistic than ever, thanks to entirely revamped physics and faithfully reproduced rider movements. Fine-tune your motorbike, upgrade its performance and monitor its data in real time so you can stay competitive. TT2 also offers a brand-new open world, a biker's paradise where you can test your bike settings and gain the experience you'll need to win the TT Isle of Man title!

TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge 2 is available now on PlayStation 4.
Buy from Amazon here - Link opens in a new window

6 Apr 2020

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review by Tom Marks on PlayStation 4 Pro

With Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Square Enix breathes exciting new life into the 1997 JRPG classic in spectacular fashion. It occasionally stumbles because of some dull filler and pointlessly convoluted additions to the story, but it still manages to stand as a great RPG in itself.

A spectacular reimagining of one of the most visionary games ever, the first game in this project will be set in the eclectic city of Midgar and presents a fully standalone gaming experience.

The world has fallen under the control of the Shinra Electric Power Company, a shadowy corporation controlling the planet's very life force as mako energy. In the sprawling city of Midgar, an anti-Shinra organization calling themselves Avalanche have stepped up their resistance. Cloud Strife, a former member of Shinra's elite SOLDIER unit now turned mercenary, lends his aid to the group, unaware of the epic consequences that await him.

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3 Apr 2020

Final Fantasy VII Remake - Final Trailer | PS4

The world has fallen under the control of the Shinra Electric Power Company, a shadowy corporation controlling the planet’s very life force as mako energy.

In the sprawling city of Midgar, an anti-Shinra organization calling themselves Avalanche have stepped up their resistance. Cloud Strife, a former member of Shinra’s elite SOLDIER unit now turned mercenary, lends his aid to the group, unaware of the epic consequences that await him.

The story of this first, standalone game in the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE project covers up to the party’s escape from Midgar, and goes deeper into the events occurring in Midgar than the original FINAL FANTASY VII.

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Resident Evil 3 - Launch Trailer

Resident Evil 3 is set amidst the nightmarish outbreak of the t-virus, a biological weapon developed by the pharmaceutical company umbrella Corporation. The game marks the debut of nemesis - a towering humanoid Bio weapon designed for both brutality and high-functioning intelligence - whose dogged hunt of S.T.A.R.S. Member Jill Valentine made him an icon of the Resident Evil series. Armed with an arsenal of high-powered weaponry and wrapped in a black suit to hide his mutilated features, nemesis will maim, pulverize or destroy any obstacle on the path to his target.

Jill's harrowing escape takes place in the panic-stricken hours leading up to and following the events of the acclaimed best-selling Resident Evil 2. Intense combat and puzzle solving combine to deliver the heart-pounding final chapter of Raccoon city's collapse. The horrific settings from the original game and new content come to life as never before with RE engine, previously utilized to create the acclaimed Resident Evil 7 biohazard, Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5 with high-definition graphics and modernized gameplay mechanics < complementing the Action-Packed single player campaign is Resident Evil resistance, an asymmetrical 4 vs. 1 multiplayer game originally unveiled as a working title at Tokyo game show earlier this year.

As the mastermind behind the scenes, players can assume the role of key Resident Evil characters like Annette Birkin in a series of deadly experiments. Manipulate the environment and Wield a deck of cards to place vicious creatures, set traps and weaponized security cameras to snare hapless survivors. A first for the franchise, masterminds can even directly control Elite Bio weapons like G-Birkin and tyrant. In turn, four survivors must effectively work together, making the most of a variety of weapons and each player's unique special abilities, to stand a chance of escaping the experiment before time runs out. X.

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2 Apr 2020

Windbound - Announce Trailer | PS4

The Forbidden Islands are Calling, Unlock their Secrets

Shipwrecked alone on an unchartered island, explore, adapt and navigate the land and perilous seas to stay alive.

As Kara, you are a warrior, caught at sea in a fierce storm, adrift from your tribe. Thrown from your boat, at the mercy of the turbulent waters, you are tossed on to the shores of the Forbidden Island, a mysterious paradise.

With no boat, no food or tools, just the will and skill to survive, uncover this beautiful island’s rich resources, craft tools and weapons to hunt and defend yourself against nature itself with its wild and fantastical creatures.

Whilst exploring further islands and the scattered ruins across their lands secrets of the past and glimpses of the future are revealed. Unravel the mystery behind them all and you may find more than just your way home.

Brave the Storm
August 28, 2020