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14 Apr 2020

PandaBall - Gameplay Trailer | PS4

PandaBall is a Local Multiplayer. Play 1 vs. 1 with 5 pandas on each team. Use Powerups and different Balls to your advantage to beat your opponet. Fun and fast gameplay. Level up and unlock new pandas and maps to play with, and unlock each pandas unique items. Welcome to Pamuria!

On an island in the middle of nowhere, the world of Pamuria exists. A tropical island with an array of different environments, from dense jungles, sandy beaches, mountain tops and sunny cliff sites. Overall a hidden utopia, excluded and hidden from the rest of world, in the middle of an unknown ocean. On Pamuria animals live a life in perfect harmony with the environment and ocean surrounding the island, and with the island providing everything from food and water, shelter, comfort – simply all basic needs. Every animal on Pamuria are herbivores, and the leading animal is the Panda species. With no immediate danger and a great setting for procreation: life on Pamuria is perfect!

But, when life is that peaceful and ”perfect”, a sense of boredom eventually begins to build up…

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