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25 Apr 2020

Tropico 6 - Spitter DLC trailer

It’s all about the fame and prestige. Nobody knows this better than a self-declared despot...uh, statesman, such as El Presidente. Tropico 6’s second DLC skyrockets you into the world of stardom and illustriousness.

At the heart of the DLC is the new Spitter social media mechanic, which allows you to interact with celebrities and faction leaders to increase your standing. Enjoy the new mission and sandbox map, along with 3 new buildings (Rehab Center, Beauty Farm and Super Villa) to attract celebrities and make them permanent citizens of Tropico, a new character trait (Narcissist), 3 new music tracks (Comercio Feliz, La Celebridad, Fiesta en el Club) and additional customization items for El Prez and his palace.

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