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4 Jun 2020

Project Cars 3 - Official Announcement Trailer (4K)

Slightly Mad is back with Project Cars 3, a new entry into their popular racing simulator series. Project Cars 3 is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC this Summer 2020.

Production director Pete Morrish
‘Project Cars has always been pushing the limits in terms of graphical fidelity and we’re continuing to do so with the third one,’. ‘But the delta between games is lessening as the capabilities of the hardware increase. So this time round we’ve focused more on… almost the theatricality of motorsports.’ ‘We haven’t concentrated on making it a 100% accurate simulation of real life. We’ve added some interesting post-processing effects and motion blur and things like that, that are our attempts to make it feel more real in as much as you’re a racing driver in a bubble, with that tunnel vision, as you’re screaming down a track. ‘It’s all about role fulfilment, it’s not a 100% realistic po-faced simulation of what it actually looks like. We want a simulation of what it feels like’.

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