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10 Jul 2020

Ultra Hat Dimension - Launch Trailer

Ultra Hat Dimension is a puzzle game about adorable hats and people getting punched for wearing them. The catch is that the player can't punch anyone; instead, they must use the power of hats to convince others to do the punching for them. Find and defeat the Spluff responsible for all this chaos!

Explore through the levels of the majestic Spluff Palace to find and defeat your arch-nemesis!

Four kinds of adorably pixelated hats
Charming music
An epic puzzley boss battle

Ultra Hat Dimension will be priced for 4.99$ / € for all platforms.

It will launch on:
PS4 America: July 14th
PS4 Europe: July 15th
Xbox One: July 15th
Nintendo Switch (NA & EU): July 17th

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