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9 Sept 2020

Golf Zero to hit a hole-in-one on consoles - Trailer and Release Details

Golf Zero is a cute, fun and original little game with a mix of clever golf platforming gameplay.

What starts as a relaxing outing on a grassy 2d golf green soon builds into a crazy physics obstacle course!

To sink a putt you must jump, sprint or slide while avoiding unconventional hazards like brutal boulders, whirling saw blades, or zinging bullets as the challenge increases.

Do you have what it takes to earn the Gold Medal?

40 levels of golf platforming madness
Competitive speed run mode
Endearing pixel art

Golf Zero will be priced for 4.99$ / € for all platforms.

It will launch on:
PS4 America: September 8th
PS4 Europe: September 9th
Xbox One: September 9th
Nintendo Switch (NA & EU): September 11th

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