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24 Sept 2020

REVIEW: art of rally on PC

Review by Jon Donnis

I was sent a copy of "art of rally" by Future Friends Games.

"art of rally" is a rally game whereby you relive the golden years of rally using classic cars from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. And the first thing you will notice are the graphics, they are incredible, totally different from other games in this genre, the second thing you will notice is the outstanding soundtrack, I found myself playing the free play mode just enjoying the music.

You play in a top down view of sorts, but there is quite a bit of change from being directly above your car to more of a behind angle. There are 60 rally stages from around the world, daily and weekly challenges to complete, a full career mode to enjoy, and over 50 iconic rally cars to choose from.

As I mentioned earlier I found myself enjoying the music on the freeplay mode, in this mode you have the full area to drive around as you please, but to keep you busy you also have things to collect, giant letters that spell out RALLY and cassette tapes, as well a "viewpoints" to stop and take in the view, and by collecting these things you unlock items in the main game.

I played a couple of the daily and weekly challenges, in general these consist of you racing a stage and competing on a leaderboard against people around the world.

There is enough in this game to keep you playing for a long time, and although at first controlling the car seems really hard, you soon get the hang of it and find yourself mastering the art of the rally car.

And don't forget the photo mode, so you can capture your best moments forever and share them with the world.

The Good

The graphics and soundtrack are outstanding, something quite different to your usual rally games.

The Bad

To get the most out of the graphics you will need a pretty decent PC with a Graphics Card to match, but you can adjust the settings for lower powered PCs.


I really enjoyed this game, and will keep playing it moving forward. 8/10

Out now on Steam, Epic and GOG

USD $24.99

EU €20.99

GBP £19.49

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