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10 Sept 2020

REVIEW: Golf Zero on Xbox One

Review By Jon Donnis
I was sent a copy of Golf Zero to review by Ratalaika Games

Although this has the word "golf" in the title, it is not a golf game in the classic sense, in fact this is a platform game with a golf twist, and it is a totally unique twist.

The game is a cute 2D retro looking game, the basic aim is for you to hit a ball into the golf cup (hole), but of course as you progress through each level, this becomes a harder and harder challenge to accomplish, now because I am stupid I didn't watch the trailer before I started to play, and I literally got stuck on the 2nd level for a good 5 minutes, you see I didn't realise that you can hit the ball in mid jump. (See photo below) As soon as I realised that, I managed to start passing each level pretty quick. But the game does get much harder. You also have the challenge of accomplishing other things in the levels, for example getting a hole in one, or bursting a balloon, or riding a cart over spikes, and so on.

As I mentioned earlier this is a platforming game first, so where the ball lands isn't that important, unless it is in the cup, so you can run and jump around the level, slide down walls, or jump up them, and then you just hit one of three balls wherever you are to beat the level. Run out of balls and you lose, hit a trap and you lose. But luckily the levels can be retried as many times as you like.

There are spikes to avoid, rolling boulders, saw blade, monsters, all sorts. And if you want to get Gold for passing the levels you need to achieve all of the challenges set for you.

There are over 40 levels and a speed run mode.

This is a fun game, it can be tricky and frustrating at times, but there is a great feeling of accomplishment when you finally get a level right and everything goes to plan. This game is addictive. And you will find yourself restarting a level over and over until you get it perfect.

The Good
Addictive, fun game-play, cute graphics, and lots of easy gamer-points for you gamer-point collectors.

The Bad
Could do with a better menu system in game just describing the controls and how to play.

This is a great fun game, I loved it. As cutesy golf based plat-formers go, this stands alone at the top of the hill.


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