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17 Oct 2020

Craftlands Workshoppe - The Funny Indie Capitalist RPG Trading Adventure Game

Early Thoughts by Jon Donnis

I have played the early access of Craftlands Workshoppe, this game has a long way to go, but I think the game makers understand this, and it does seem that they are listening to input from players. There is potential here, you find yourself as the new owner of a "dilapidated workshoppe" and your job is to build it up and make it successful, you will need to unlock blue prints, learn recipes, collect resources, and craft everything you need. You will buy and sell and hopefully eventually you will become a big success.

I think the camera angles need to be improved, and the control system, just doesn't feel right, although you can adjust a few things, it really needs to be a fully 3D environment with the camera able to view from all sides. The map could also do with being improved.

Like I said this is early access, play it yourself and make sure to let the game makers know your thoughts and ideas for it to be improved.



Does your job description include anything about depressed demigods and skeletons with short memories? Ours neither. But things work differently when you accept a job offer on an island in the clouds. Shoppe Keep and Shoppe Keep 2 Lead Developer Arvydas ┼Żemaitis invites you to sacrifice even more of your social life in his most otherworldly adventure yet. Join the 350,000 players already sold on the series' sideways look at business sims.

Craft Your Way to the Top
A hastily scribbled note on Allcraft's door means you're now the proud owner of a dilapidated workshoppe. You know you're going to have to up your alchemy, cookery and blacksmith skills to get the sad old place back on its feet. But why does that creepy old guy seem so keen for you to make a success of it?

*Unlock the tools of your trade, find the resources you need and follow recipes and blueprints to produce potent potions, gleaming weapons and delicious food.
*Use your crafting skills to contribute to larger orders in asynchronous multiplayer gameplay – and reap the rewards!
*Improve your skills with cauldron, furnace and anvil to uncover the curious secrets of the weird-and-wonderful island cluster you now call home.

Sell Your Wares
It's all very well knowing how to craft items but your wares won't make you money gathering dust on your workshoppe floor. Luckily your slightly creepy acquaintances seem to want to help you out. Your own personal air skip? They're either unusually generous or they want something in return. Time will tell.

*Gain the correct permits to turn your rundown store into a thriving emporium.
*Advertise your creations and train up apprentice crafters to keep shoppers flooding through the doors.
*Keep an eye on the popularity of your products and ensure your workshoppe's fully stocked with them when the Customer Air Skip docks or shoppers will be heading away empty handed.

Master Your Crafts
The more you explore these outlandish islands, the more you realise things aren't as they appear. Becoming a master of three noble crafts and making a success of the workshoppe Allcraft kindly bequeathed you seemed like a worthy goal.'s starting to feel like your achievements are merely part of a much bigger story.

*Get to know a motley crew of wacky characters who will help you complete your adventure.
*Master every recipe and build every blueprint to fashion a key that unlocks an unknown realm.
*Oh, and did we mention you can also pet a dog? What do you get for it? Nothing but their unconditional love. Why, what did you expect?

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