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12 Oct 2020

Hammerting - Trailer - "Control the destiny of the dwarves"

Hammerting tasks players with managing their very own dwarven mining colony. With a cast of colourful dwarves, all with their own individual traits, abilities, and equipment, the colony must work tirelessly in its attempt to aid the Overworld in the fight against evil. Crafting, building, and exploring are the cornerstones to a dwarf's day to day life and finding the quickest (and safest) way down a mine shaft – and to all of the shiny, shiny loot - will be vital in the clans overall success.

Key Features

Control the destiny of the dwarves: As the colony grows active management of the dwarves, including the friendships they make and their morale, will be key to helping the war effort

Design and create the ultimate base: Bore and upgrade a variety of rooms, from forges and sculpting studios to taverns and auxiliary functions and help the colony craft the ultimate base

Help with the war effort: Build and upgrade a variety of items through a deep levelling system

Discover valuable materials to quarry: Venture into the bowels of the mountainside & face increasingly perilous situations

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