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2 Oct 2020

REVIEW: She Sees Red - Xbox One

Review by Jon Donnis
I received a code for She Sees Red on Xbox One from Rhinotales

She Sees Red is an interactive thriller, or FMV (A full motion video, video game). Think of this as a movie that you control, as you watch you will come to a scene whereby two choices are given in a quick time event, so you are given a few seconds to decide how the film will continue.

In She Sees Red multiple people have been killed at a nightclub, a detective has been assigned the case and you watch as she follows the clues to find out the truth and hopefully solve the case.

There are 4 different endings in this, and 62 scenes to see if you want to see it all.

A play through will take roughly 40 minutes, once you have played through once you get the chance to do a second play through and make different choices, which in turn will give you different scenes to see and different endings. It might be worth making a note as you watch as to which choices you make, that way you can use subsequent play throughs to get to see all the scenes and all 4 endings.

Once you have played through the game twice you have the option to skip scenes you have already seen which allows you to speed everything up.

The Good
This has clearly been filmed in a professional way, with proper actors, editing, lighting the works, you really are watching a film whereby you make meaningful decisions in what happens.

The Bad
This is a Russian made FMV so the English dubbing suffers from the usual lip synching issues, but I watched in Russian with Subtitles so it didn't bother me.

I did enjoy watching/playing, but I wish there was more. I think you could probably watch all scenes and see all endings within a couple of hours and once you have done that you probably won't watch again.

FMV games have always struggled, and I remember watching them back in the days of the 3DO, this is one of the better ones I have seen, and if you think of this purely as an interactive movie then I see no reason why you wont enjoy it.

I score this 7/10

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