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3 Oct 2020

Review: TraptionBakery on PC (Steam)

Review By Jon Donnis

I get asked to review a lot of games, but rarely do I struggle to decide how to define what kind of game it is, TraptionBakery is the first, the best I have come up with, is that it is a point and click puzzle Rube Goldberg, steampunk thingy game. 

So you start the game and the first thing you see is a picture on a wall.

This is the entire game, right in front of you. Virtually no instructions of how to play, so what do you do next? Well you click somewhere on the screen, by doing this the camera zooms in a bit, you click some more, and you keep zooming in, closer and closer.

Depending where you click, you will end up zoomed in on some random part of the picture, you try to right click on the screen next, but that zooms you out, before you know it you are zooming in and out, and dragging the screen from left to right, marveling at all the detail, and everything that is going on, but still you don't really know what to do, but then you notice that when you zoom in on something, a part changes blue, fantastic, I can now interact with it. So you pull a lever, and suddenly things come to life, you push a button, something else happens, you quickly start looking around for things to push, pull, interact with.

This is the game, at first when you start playing you will think to yourself, "what the hell is this, what the hell am I supposed to do" but then without realising 20 minutes have passed, and although you still don't really know what you are doing, you are doing something, and things are happening.

As far as I have figured out so far, you are supposed to bake a loaf of bread, but to do this you need to interact with an elephant and a headless man who slides down a fairground ride, and there are bananas involved and well I will leave the rest to you to figure out.

This is a crazy unique game, it is the kind of game that you will sit to play for, for 10 minutes, then stop, then after an hour you will think "I need to play that game again". You will keep coming back to it, and you will keep finding new things to do. 

The Good

I have never played a game quite like this before, it is insane, interesting and incredible, I spoke directly to the creator of the game, who explained some things to me, and I am still thinking about this game when I am not playing it.

The Bad

Because I am stupid, I was using the arrow keys to pan around the screen when I was zoomed in, this moves incredibly slowly and I was going crazy, the maker of the game then told me if I held down the left mouse button I could just drag the screen around and move much quicker. He has told me now he will make an update to help people realise this, so basically my stupidity has now directly affected this game. Yay me! I think?


You have never played a game like this ever before. It takes up very little space on your hard drive, it will keep you busy for hours, and it is just fantastic. A wonderful unique Indie game, that has a place in my heart.

Check it out at

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