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17 Oct 2020

REVIEW: Two Parsecs From Earth on Xbox One

Review by Jon Donnis
You play as Robot Z3-L1, catchy name right! You have crash landed on a planet called Dimidium, you are injured, and you need to find a way to fix your space ship so you can go home. As soon as you start you will realise that this game is beautifully drawn, absolutely stunning, you will also quickly realise that this game has been made by people with a sense of humour, you will learn this as soon as you try to jump, or die, or anything. 

As you explore your surroundings straight away you will find out that everything wants to kill you, and you are going to need to be very precise in how you play.

The first time you play you will slowly be able to learn abilities, but you are given a choice each time, meaning that to explore different areas and experience different abilities you will have to start the game again in the future and make different choices, for example early on you will need to choose between a double jump ability or a dash ability. The dash ability will enable you to reach areas that the double jump can't reach and vice versa. This is a really interesting idea and I found myself creating a new game in a different file, just so I could experience both from the get go. Basically this means there are 8 ways to finish the game depending on the choice of abilities you make.

There is also a great sound track that also adapts to your choices as you play.

The Good
Stunning graphics, great soundtrack and a nice little unique game play gimmick, and you will need to complete the game a fair few times if you want those all important Achievements.

The Bad
The game is tough, probably tougher than it needs to be, but I guess that is part of the challenge.

A fun 2D platformer, with a nice gimmick that really does work.
I score this game a solid 7/10

Two Parsecs From Earth is out now and priced for 7.99 $ / € for all platforms.

Review by Jon Donnis

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