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8 Nov 2020

REVIEW: Another Sight - Definitive Edition on PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis
Another Sight is a fantasy adventure platformer set in London at the end of the 19th century.
You play as Kit, a young girl who awakens in a London Underground construction site after the tunnel she had been exploring collapses, she has lost her sight, but luckily for her a mysterious cat called Hodge has appeared and is willing to help her escape this strange world.

You take control of both Kit and Hodge and are able to swap between them at will, between the both characters you will solve puzzles which allows you to move through this surreal fantasy land, and along the way you will meet some of the world's greatest inventors and artistic minds, including Claude Monet, Nikola Tesla, and Thomas Edison.

Although Kit and Hodge exist in the same world, their abilities and how they perceive that which is around them differs greatly, Kit is blind for a start, but through sound and feel, she is able to experience her surroundings, and when Hodge is close by, her senses increase.

This is a platform game but it is also a very smart almost dual experience. The gameplay hinges on the fact you really need to use both characters, for some areas to be passed you will need Kit to pull a level, which Hodge climbs up high to unlock another door and so on, although this is a 2D platformer each character moves through the environment in a slightly different way, which really gives the game an added dimension.

When you are playing with Kit the screen will turn darker, your field of vision is greatly reduced, but when you swap to Hodge everything is clear.

The Good
This is a really clever platformer/puzzle adventure game. The soundtrack is fantastic, the graphics are beautiful, and all around this is a fun game.

The Bad
The puzzles are relatively easy, so there isn't as much of a challenge here as perhaps there should be.

I'm still playing it, I will keep playing it, and I am enjoying it.
I score this game a solid 8/10

Out on PC Steam now

Review by Jon Donnis

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