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6 Nov 2020

REVIEW: Broll (Early Access) on PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis
The following are my thoughts on the Early Access release of Broll, (out now on PC Steam)
As with all Early Access releases the game is not complete and may or may not change further. So please keep that in mind.

So what is Broll, well the name stands for "BROken ragDOLL", you control a character that can run and jump, but most importantly they can collapse, basically as if they were a rag doll, and that is the gimmick of this game, the challenge is to try to reach places on a level to unlock secrets and achievements, but to do that you might need to get over a high obstacle, or under something, and often the way you do that is by collapsing, and when you do that on certain surfaces you stick to them, when you "un-collapse" you will become unstuck, and sometimes you will use this to squeeze through a tight space by sticking to a moving  object, or sometimes when you un-stick you are thrown in the air. Sounds strange right? It is. But it is also incredibly addictive.

This is early access, so the graphics can be a bit raw at times, and the game play can also be frustrating, when you just can't quite get your character to go where you want it to, but that is all part of the challenge. And the simple fact of the matter is that as frustrating as this game is, as raw as it is, it is also insanely addictive. One of the most instantly addictive games I have ever played, and as the game is developed, improved, more levels added and so on, it can only get better.

The Good
Addictive, the is truly the best thing about this game.

The Bad
This is early access, and I really look forward to the full finished article, but for now the bad is purely that it is early access.

A fun addictive game, did I say "addictive" enough yet? I am really excited as to where this game can go, and what it will finally become.

I won't give the game a score out of ten as that would be a bit unfair for an unfinished game, but I would hope from my comments you can understand that I am liking this game a whole lot.

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