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14 Nov 2020

REVIEW: My Aunt is a Witch on Xbox One

Review by Jon Donnis
My Aunt is a Witch' is a Visual Novel so as such understand that this game is not so much a game, but an interactive book. 

You play as a boy named Thomas, he has had a difficult life and he finds himself in a situation whereby his father has married a woman who can't stand him, as such he goes to visit his aunt, who he only ever visited once many years ago, suddenly all the sadness from being with his Father is forgotten, you see Thomas' aunt Alice is a witch, a real witch, she has a talking cat and all manner of magical items.

Thomas has decided to see this all as a challenge and throw himself into the world of spells, potions and magical things.

Although this is a visual novel whereby you will do a lot of reading, there is a lot of interactivity in the game, for example you will be tasked with collecting items to make a magic potion, and in doing so you will have to combine items, talk to cats, explore and examine rooms, and try not to get killed along the way.

The scenes are all beautifully drawn, and there is a lovely soundtrack and the sound effects are all really good.

I am not a big fan of visual novels, but this is one of the better ones I have played, you have to pay attention to what is going on, so no skipping through reams of text to get your gamer points here. The interactive elements of the story are relatively easy, and you can press the left trigger to highlight everything that is interactive within the screen. So that helps a lot.

The Good
Bright, well drawn screens which really are glorious to look at, a fun interesting story, with great characters.

The Bad
Some of the puzzles are a bit easy, but that's ok, as this is a Visual Novel that is directed to the younger audience.

A fun engaging story, with great characters, as visual novels go, this is one of the better ones out there.

I score this game 7/10

Review by Jon Donnis

Check out a quick 30 seconds of play below.

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