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2 Dec 2020

Preview - Action RPG King of Seas

Preview by Jon Donnis
I got my hands on a super rare preview code for Action RPG King of Seas, and although it only gave me a limited amount of play time, I do think there was enough there to really give a good impression of the game, which is due for release early next year.

Let's start with the premise of the game. In King of Seas, you find yourself in a time of pirates, sea battles, treasure, Islands and even sea monsters.

Your father has been killed, and you have decided to avenge that death by fighting your way from the bottom of the pirating world, trying to reach the very top and becoming The King of the Pirates! (A Much better name for the game than King of Seas which is dumb)

Once you get into the actual game you will find yourself with a basic ship, to start your adventure you will complete tasks, that might be to accompany another ship and to keep it safe, or perhaps to just got out and attack other ships and steal their resources. Of course, there are things that will get in your way, whether that is much bigger and more powerful ships, changing weather conditions, or a sea monster trying to sink you. 

As you progress you will find new places to trade, upgrade your ship, you might even stop by a seemingly empty island and find yourself some treasure. Basically, there is plenty to do whether you want to follow the missions strictly, or just sail about attacking people and looking for treasure. 

There are different ships to own, different weapons and upgrades, as well as skills to help you along the way.

The graphics are simple but detailed, the sounds are perfectly fine, and control of the ship is intuitive.

The Good
Easy to play, fun to play, a lot of potential and depth could mean that this could be a great game.

The Bad
I am not sure I was able to play the game long enough to really go into depth about "the bad", at the moment the only thing that frustrated me was trying to remember which cannons I was firing and from which side of the ship when in a fight with an enemy. But the more you play, the less this would be a problem.

From the limited play time I had, I can simply say "so far, so good".
I like the game, I replayed it a few times to try to see as much, and do as much as I could.

I won't score the game since I only played the preview, but I would say it might be one to keep a close eye on in the future.

Preview By Jon Donnis

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