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23 Dec 2020

REVIEW: Kolumno on Nintendo Switch

Review By Jon Donnis
Kolumno is a new game on Nintendo Switch, wait for the right moment and drop the ball through intricate columns, sounds easy right!

Well although the idea is a simple one, to master the game will take a lot more than just dropping a ball. This is a game of skill, a game of patience, as with many puzzle games, things will start off easy but get progressively harder.

As you progress through the levels, new game mechanics are brought in, including the ability to stop the ball in the air, to make it fall faster, make the ball destructive so you break the rings you need to pass, make the ball smaller to fit through gaps easier and more.

Watch the trailer and you will easily under the game, but as I said it is not as easy as it first looks. The graphics may be simple, but to beat the game you will to master the controls.

There are a total of 75 levels to complete, and plenty of challenges to master.

The Good
Simple graphics, easy to learn gameplay, and an addictive quality which is the secret of all puzzle games, Kolumno does a good job in balancing the learning curve as well as delivering a great soundtrack to help you chill out as you play.

The Bad
We need more levels!

Sometimes I complain that many games get the basics wrong, but everything else right, for example the graphics can look amazing, but the basic gameplay mechanics just do not work, but in Kolumno they get everything just about right, it is super easy to pick up and play, the idea is a simple one, the execution of the game is perfect, and the soundtrack just made me enjoy the game even more.

I score this game a solid 8/10

Review by Jon Donnis
Kolumno is out on Nintendo Switch for just £1.79 from 24th December 2020

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