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15 Jan 2021

PREVIEW: Kinetic Edge on PC (Steam)

Preview by Jon Donnis

Kinetic Edge is a physics game where you control a verity of shapes and objects to complete game modes and challenges. Sounds fun right?

There are 5 modes of play.

Kinetic Race - Race with friends to get the best time or against others online.

Kinetic Arena - Knockout other players to make them lose points and stay in the green zone for maximum points gain.

Kinetic Survival - Increasingly difficult challenges knocking out players, last to remain wins.

Kinetic Golf - A physics crazy golf game you can play with friends.

Kinetic Freefall - Continually falling to the end of the race. Avoid collisions to gain speed.

I played each of the modes, and I was so frustrated and annoyed, that I uploaded a screen grab to Steam and wrote the following. This will now stand as my official opinion of the Preview Build of Kinetic Edge. These were my immediate thoughts and impressions of the game. Can you sense I was a tad annoyed?

❝You'd think the golf mode would be the simplest to figure out! But NOOOO, even when you tap the power button in front of the hole you just bounce off the flag. The other modes are just poorly designed. No tutorial to help you figure out the controls. Race mode, don't get that at all, no idea what to do, where to go, just a waste of time. The maze is ok I guess, but soon gets boring. Gauntlet? No idea. My suggestion to the game makers is to stop trying to add modes, and get one right first and then move on from there. Because right now, I wanted to turn off after just a few minutes of trying each mode, not a single one attracted me to play more. And it is a shame as the game looks great, the music is cool, just figure out what kind of game you want to be, and make that better.❞

Preview by Jon Donnis

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