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23 Jan 2021

REVIEW: Casual Challenge Players Club on PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis
Casual Challenge Players Club is a very simple, classic arcade style pool game. Remember back in the day when you would go to the local fare with your parents, and you would have the little arcade with the 2P Pusher machines, those mechanical horse racing games, and an assortment of fruit machines and arcade games. Well, you will also remember that there was always super simple pool game arcade machine. Well this is basically like that.

There are 4 game modes, 2 modes for single player and 2 modes for multiplayer.

Now strictly speaking this game does not follow any official pool rules that I know of, it's not UK pool, nor is it US pool, (Ignore the photo on the logo).
In this game you get so many strokes to pot balls. So, for example, 16 shots, and if you do not pot a ball on a shot you lose a stroke. You can hit any coloured ball you like, there is no order that needs to be followed. As I said earlier, super simple arcade game.

In another mode you may not have the 16-stroke rule, instead if you miss, it is game over. And all of this is wrapped up in some weird anime introduction.

The Good
The music is the best! Seriously, I just turned the music up loud and was enjoying that. The game play is super simple, you don't really need to know any rules outside of point the arrow from the white ball to any other ball and try to pot it.

The Bad
The physics of the ball movement is a bit off, feels like you are hitting balls on grass and not a pool table top, and I really would have preferred proper pool, whether that was 8 ball UK style or 9 ball US style.

It's a simple game, it's not going to break any records, nor will it make any top ten lists, however it is perfectly fine for a quick blast. If you are a fan of snooker or pool games then there are much better alternatives, and this  probably isn't for you, but if you got a young kid who doesn't really care about rules, then I am sure they might enjoy this

I score this game 6/10

Review by Jon Donnis

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