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21 Jan 2021

VoxPop Games, Inc. with a First Look at the Next Generation of Indie Platformers with EALU.


EALU (pronounced ee-lou) (Escape in Galic)

Think Terminator meets Celeste/Super Meat Boy meets Mario Maker

Ealu is a classic side-scrolling adventure, created for and by you. Jump into story mode to learn the origin of Ealu or head online to test your skills on worlds created by players from around the Globe. The in-game level builder allows you to unleash your creative potential and share it with the world If creation isn't your thing you can jump in to online mode and experience other creations through 100 lives mode or the level browser - Fully fleshed out, exciting, and dynamic Story Mode - Expansive - In game level creation system - 100 lives Online mode (Start with 100 lives and battle your way through 10 randomized user created levels) - 60+ level components and game objects (With more on the way) - Online Level browser system (Search for your World) - Custom physics for a true retro feel


Year 35XX, a Lonely traveler, traversing through a devastated earth beset by a global Extinction Level Event, White-haired protagonist Dimensional Time traveler looking to Escape from unending dead dimensions, communicates with his only living ally named “EALU”

Travelers must reach new areas, and new “Worlds” trying to jump into the correct or “interworld” LIGHT Dimension that will lead them to a paradise of other promised realms and riches.

Travelers must defeat various A.I. Hunters, deadly villains & upgraded environmental disruptions, trying to destroy our hero’s footprint in time.

EALU is the answer.

ESCAPE time and build your OWN world beyond worlds.  

Interview with Harki Games LTD. (Developer, Anthony Harkin)

1. What can people expect from EALU, where does it fit for gamers?

Ealu captures the skill based platformers of the 80s and 90s but integrates modern features such as level creation and sharing. Ealu is a pure platformer, no gimmicks all skill. The learning curve will be steep but the feeling of beating a difficult level is hard to match. There are 3 ways to play. Story mode will introduce you to the mechanics and quickly test your skill. The level builder is there for the creative players. For those more competitive the 100 lives mode is the perfect place to pit your skills against player created levels

2. How did EALU come about, what are its origins?

The first time I picked up a controller it was on the SNES and my love for platformers has been there ever since. As I got older I got the degree, got the career and earned good money. But I never found joy in it, what I did find joy in was learning to code and creating games. So I decided to quit my job and dive in head first. Ealu will be my first fully released project

3. Why are you going Exclusive with VoxPop Games for it's launch?

VoxPop is unlike other game distribution platforms. It focuses on a symbiotic relationship between streamers and indie game developers and that appealed to me. With other platforms it seems to be a race to the bottom whereas this project is a fresh take that really appeals to me

4. What is something you hope EALU will accomplish in 2021?

I'm hoping to get a good community around Ealu that will generate enough interest to keep pushing forward with more features such as multiplayer races and user story modes. I'm also eagerly looking forward to how the relationship with VoxPop Games progresses. 

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