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27 Feb 2021

REVIEW: The Uncertain: Light At The End on PC (Steam)

Review By Jon Donnis
The Uncertain: Light At The End is a 3rd person adventure game, but more in the mold of Life is Strange than say Tomb Raider.

Officially this game is the second of a 3-part series, but from what I understand this game has it's own story and as such you don't need to have played the previous game to know what's going on. So, what is going on? Well you find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world, (don't you always?), the world is seemingly over run with advanced robots who apparently don't like humans.

You play as a young woman called Emily, part of a group of survivors, and you take part in missions which range from fixing things around the safe house, to full on scavenger missions. As I mentioned earlier although this is 3rd person, you don't really have as much freedom as you perhaps would think you would, this is a linear game, so you can't just go where you want. Which is a shame as some of the backgrounds and areas look really pretty. Now there are some graphical issues, but keep in mind this is an Indie game with a limited budget, and the game makers are constantly pushing out updates and improving things.

You will probably complete the game in 5-6 hours, and as you play you will soon realise that the various environments you find yourself in are varied, and the tasks you need to do are also as varied, you will need to solve puzzles as you play, and these are no easy puzzles, so you will need to use your brains, however it does give you the option to just skip them.

You won't really need to worry about fighting the enemy, the only interactions you will have with the evil robots might be a quick time event, which may come from a choice you make in the game, one of the first is whether or not you go back for your partner, or flee. If you go back for him, you will have a quick-time event, press the right button and you will take out the robot. Other than that, most interactions will have you trying to avoid being seen, this comes in the way of timing your movements to avoid cameras, robots and so on. If you do get caught, you get to try again.

The game does feel short, and you are left wanting more, but I guess that is why you have chapters. So if you do like this, then you can go get the first chapter.

The Good
Easy to play, easy to get into, some nice tricky puzzles, and decent graphics for an Indie made game.

The Bad
As I said the game is short, and sometimes lacks a bit of a challenge outside of the puzzles.

I enjoyed the game, it won't set any records or change the world, but it did keep me entertained for a good while.
I score the game 7/10

Review by Jon Donnis
Available on Steam

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