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4 Mar 2021

REVIEW: Death Tales on Nintendo Switch

Review By Jon Donnis
Can a game be too pretty? Too colourful? I don't know, but boy does Death Tales on Nintendo Switch push those limits.

You play as a new "Reaper" who has gone rogue, you will collect souls as you play, I don't think I have ever heard that as a description before?

Anyway, the game is a 2D plat-former, you will fight enemy after enemy, you will learn spells, collect equipment that allows you to customize your reaper, interact with characters who will give you quests. Spells include things like fireballs, freeze powers, angel wings, meteors, and stampeding unicorns. Now I have got your attention haven't I?!

So, let's get to the nitty gritty. You have 30 levels to beat and souls to collect for "Death". That is the basic game, but is it any good?, first the visuals, as I mentioned earlier, this game is colourful, very colourful, like completely and utterly colourful, but with that said, it never becomes a distraction, everything is smooth, everything looks great. The soundtrack fits nicely with the game-play, it is also not distracting. Fighting against enemies is very hack and slash, one complaint would be that enemies do not have any power bar, so there is no way of telling if an enemy needs one more strike to kill, or a few. Only a small problem but one that should be fixed for enemies that need more than 2 hits to kill.

The cut scenes and events are nice but I couldn't figure out how to skip them or even if you can, unfortunately this means if you are replaying levels to get all of the rewards you find yourself having to sit and watch things over and over, frustrating, but not a deal breaker.

The Good
Did I mention the graphics were really colourful? The game-play is fun, easy to get used to, pretty simple hack and slash 2D plat-former, just from that description you know what you are getting.

The Bad
Some of the in-game menus could be better.

A simple game, with a somewhat original premise, it only costs £7.99 on release in the UK, so won't break the bank.

I score the game a solid 7/10
Worth a look

Review by Jon Donnis

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