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22 Apr 2021

REVIEW: Death Ray Manta SE on Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis
Death Ray Manta SE is a twin stick shooter, you play as a Manta with Death Rays! You blew up your house and now you live in fish space! Yep, it is that old cliche!

This is what you call a truly fast paced shooter, (think geometry wars, but with neon graphics) the level starts, and within moments the level is filled with enemies, shoot them with your laser beams, collect gems for bonus points and try not to die. Pretty simple.

There are 32 levels, and it is non-stop. Clear a level, a new level starts, rinse and repeat. 
The left stick controls the mantra, the right stick controls the firing.

Everything is very colourful, bright, neon graphics, there is a synth-wave soundtrack to keep your ears happy.

You don't need to worry about upgrades, or leader boards, you just play. Watch the trailer, and you can instantly understand the entire game.

The Good
I like the graphics, although things do get busy on screen, it is not too confusing. The soundtrack is fun too, very 80's synth which I enjoy. The game has also recently dropped in price. Which is much more realistic for what you are getting.

The Bad
There is not much to the game, it is very simple. As I mentioned, watch a few seconds of the trailer, and you already know everything about the game.

For a couple of quid, this will give you short bursts of fun, when you just want to blast on a game for less than a minute. You won't sit down and play this game for hours. It really is a short, sharp, shock type of game, pick it up to waste a few seconds, then back to normal life.

The game is fun, it is bright, it is colourful, it is cheap. I score the game a neon-tastic 7/10

Review by Jon Donnis
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