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28 Apr 2021



Review By Jon Donnis

OVIVO​ is one truly unique game. First of all everything is in black and white. You play as "OVO" a small round ball. And you have the ability to switch from black to white and back again. Your controls are left and right, and then a button to switch from black to white. 

As you move about, you use gravity by switching between the colours as a way to propel yourself through the level, collecting icons and symbols.

There are no instructions. No text, no real menus. You just have to figure it out for yourself, and somehow that works perfectly.

In the video below, I am playing just a couple of minutes of the first "level", as you progress through the game, things get trickier, there is no real rules to what you are supposed to do, there are hidden images, and everything is very metaphorical in it's approach.

A fascinating and unique game, I am looking forward to playing more of.

The Good

The soundtrack is very cool, the game is easy to pick up and play, and the monochrome, ink blot style graphics are really very nice.

The Bad

The game can become a little too frustrating at times.


A unique game for unique times. I really am enjoying it, like nothing you have played before.
I score this game 8/10

Review by Jon Donnis

Available on Xbox now!

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