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17 May 2021

REVIEW: Bezier: Second Edition on Nintendo Switch

Review By Staff
Bezier is a classic style twin-stick shooter. As you start the game you are told by an ominous voice that "100 years ago, I was born inside a computer" And straight away you find yourself controlling a small triangular thing, shooting at enemies. This is exactly how any shooter should begin. 

As you start, there are clear and easy to follow instructions as to what you need to do, and where you need to go. As you destroy your enemies you will collect power ups, shields, better weapons and the usual things you would expect.

The gameplay is fun, and the soundtrack is awesome, apparently there is a full 80 minutes' worth of music to play to, a very cool synth sound.

There are 15 "game zones", various modes, and many different types of enemies to battle against.

Now if you have played Geometry Wars then all of this will look and sound very familiar, and that of course was merely an updated form of classic game Asteroids.

One nice touch in Bezier is the "Ouch bar", this is your health bar, you start with 99 Ouch, and every time you get hit by an enemy you lose an ouch. It's a silly but memorable touch.

The Good
In what seems like an endless stream of twin stick shooters these days, although Bezier is clearly just a fancy Geometry Wars clone, that is not necessarily a bad thing. And Bezier, despite the dumb name, does stand out as one of the better shooters out there, the graphics are simple but fun, and the soundtrack is great.

The Bad
The official blurb for this game talks about how "The story traces the principal's escape from this ""Noah's Ark"" gone wrong", but I really don't get the point of that, maybe that was written before the game was made?

A solid little twin stick shooter, if you like these types of games, and want a new challenge within the genre, then this is a solid pick, but it won't really offer you anything ground-breaking. I enjoyed it and score Bezier a solid 7/10

Review By Staff

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