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9 Jun 2021

REVIEW: Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town on Nintendo Switch

Review by GamingCouchPotato Staff
Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town, but for the sake of this review I will just call the game Willy Morgan. Willy Morgan is point and click game, yes, I know there are millions of them out there, but what makes this one different, or better? Well for a start the graphics. The graphics are truly stunning. Featuring great 3D cartoon graphics, it will instantly catch your eye.

Let us start with the general story of the game.
10 years have passed since the mysterious disappearance of Willy's father, the famous archaeologist Henry Morgan. One day, the postman delivers him a strange letter:

"If you receive this letter, it means that something went wrong
and it's up to you to finish what I started. Go as fast as you can
to Bone Town, room 09, but don't trust anyone..."

Now I know what some of you are thinking. The main character is called "Willy" and he needs to travel to "Bone" town. For a start get your mind out of the gutter, this is not Leisure Suit Larry, instead this is a game aimed firmly at the younger gamer, but still has enough to it, and it will entertain and challenge a more experienced gamer too.

You start off in Willy's bedroom, and after a brief tutorial, it becomes clear the first challenge is to find money and build your bicycle, so that you can leave the house. This is a good way to start the game, you have a clear objective, and it is very clear what you need to do. Search the house for the parts you need to build your bike, find some money, and then you can move on to the next location.

The gameplay starts off quite simple, search in every location you can, collect whatever it lets you pick up, and move on. But of course, things are not that easy. Luckily one of the things you have in your possession early on is some notes that give you little clues on what to do if you get stuck. An example for one of the first tricky parts of the game is that one of the wheels you need for you bike is hanging on the wall playing the part of a dream catcher, upon examining the screw holding it on the wall is rusted, so you can't get it off. You will find some sun tan lotion, but it has gone all hard, switch the lamp on, put lotion near lamp so it melts, then put on rusty screw, and voila, you have the wheel. This is the kind of puzzle you will come across early in the game. 

Unlike some point and click adventure games, Willy Morgan is pretty straight forward, use logic and critical thinking, and the puzzles are not too hard.

One of the biggest problems games in this genre tend to have, is that the puzzles are so over complicated, that you will find yourself just looking up walkthroughs online, so you can get past them, and once you have that handy walkthrough, you'll find yourself using it more and more.

Willy Morgan balances this quite well, the puzzles are not so ridiculously hard that you will get annoyed and google the solution, but not so easy that you will just fly through the game. 

You will meet various characters, and engage in some fun well written conversations, you will travel to different destinations, and solve a nice variety of puzzles.

As I mentioned earlier the graphics are great, the cut scenes are really well created. There are over 50 locations to visit, and over 2 hours of original music as part of the original soundtrack.

I am a fan of the point and click adventure game, and have been playing them for 30+ years. Willy Morgan may not be the most original, but it does strike a fine balance, that impressed me.

The Good
Beautiful graphics, easy to pick up gameplay, fun puzzles.

The Bad
I am an impatient man, and perhaps sometimes things could be a bit more instant, for example when picking things up to put in your inventory, it may only be a second or two, but I would at least like the option to press a button to get there quicker. A small complaint which the vast majority of people won't notice. Also, I think the game is a little expensive on Switch at £17.99 which itself is on offer from the usual price of £22.49. Switch games are expensive as it is, but come on guys!

I am still playing the game, and so far, I am enjoying it, and for any fan of point and click adventure games, I would recommend this, it might be aimed at a younger audience, but if you like these games, then you won't go wrong here.

I score Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town on Nintendo Switch a solid 8/10

Out now on Switch for £17.99 at

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