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28 Aug 2021

REVIEW: Mask of Mists - Nintendo Switch

Mask of Mists is the latest game released by Sometimes You on Nintendo Switch.
A first-person perspective game whereby you play as a mercenary, your job is a simple one, to find one of the Archmages of the Academy who has gone missing, while researching in the Infected Territory!

The Infected Territory is an interesting place, after being exposed to "monstrous amounts of magic", it has become overwhelmed with evil creatures from the abyss, as the barrier between the normal world and the world of evil and chaos has broken down.

You start the game looking at a book, that explains to you the story, and gives you the context of what you are about to do, and see.

As you play you will need to find notes left by the missing Archmage to help you progress, explaining to you things he did, what he failed at, as well as where he succeeded, his notes go into your notebook for future reference. You will face puzzles that need to be solved, as you solve them, they have a direct effect on the world, new parts of the map will be revealed, areas that were previously deadly, become harmless.

But it is not just exploration and puzzles, there is an action element to the game, you will have to fight the monsters from the abyss, you have a gun and a sword, and as you play, and inevitably lose health, you can drink potions to help you recover. Potions which you can create from various magic plants you will find.

Although the game is relatively short and you will most likely complete it in about 4 hours, it is a fun experience, and despite the ending feeling a bit flat since it goes back to the same book to explain things, as a whole the game is a rewarding experience. And there is definitely a feeling of wanting to replay the game, explore more, collect everything, and try to find every single secret.

The Good
Graphically the game is very good, everything plays smoothly and the controls are easy enough to learn.

The Bad
The beginning and end and the use of simple book to explain things, seems a bit lazy, and perhaps rushed to avoid spending time creating an animated open and close.

A fun, engaging game, that despite its flaws will definitely have me making another playthrough.

I score Mask of Mists a solid 7/10

Review by Staff

Out now on Nintendo Switch

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