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19 Aug 2021

REVIEW: Seed of Life on PC (Steam)

Review by Staff
Seed Of Life is the latest action-adventure game from MadLight, You play as Cora, the last survivor of a dying world called Lumia, your world was ravaged by aliens who are stealing the planet's life force. Your job is to activate "The Seed" a device that will save your planet and regenerate the very life force of the planet.

You play in a 3rd person viewpoint, from just behind the character, as you explore, you will come across Talisman Capsules that help you learn new abilities that will help you on your way, collect Lumium to upgrade yourself, and collect various items. You have an alien assistant called Nar. As you play you will have to solve puzzles and generally get from one waypoint to the next.

The game plays in a semi open world environment, there is plenty to explore, and you need to watch out for toxic environments that will slowly drain your health, the game does not hold your hand too much, and you will need to figure things out for yourself, that will be good for some people, and for others you may miss being told exactly what to do.

You will have a compass that will help you decide which way to go, colour coded as to tell you which waypoint will give you which power. As it is a semi open world, when you are away from the Waypoints you may find yourself losing health in the toxic environments, so before you go off exploring too much, make sure you know your way back to the previous waypoint, or find the next one first. This is especially important to make sure you do not lose your progress.

Once you get to grips with the controls and the gameplay, the game is relatively easy and you should complete it in under 10 hours, quicker on the easiest setting.

The Good
The graphics are very pretty and the soundtrack is very relaxing, the gameplay is fun, and although the game is relatively short, it is an enjoyable experience.

The Bad
The voice acting for Cora is terrible, sorry but I have to say that. There is also some issues with precision jumping, there are a few other bugs, but the developers are ironing these out and putting out updates, so these will all get fixed.

The game is fun, and despite the short play time, I enjoyed the experience. I score the game a solid 7.5/10

Review by Staff

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