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10 Sept 2021

REVIEW: Orbibot on Xbox One

Review by Staff
Recently we seem to have been spoiled with the release of various ball-rolling physics puzzle type games.

The latest to make its way to the mainstream is Orbibot, you control a ball shaped robot, and you have to reach a certain point to complete a level.

Sounds simple right? Wrong! As you play you will have to hit buttons, switch on or off lazers, move barrels or metal balls and open doors to reach the end of the level, which is a teleportation device.

Reach the teleportation device, and you are unsurprisingly teleported to the next level.

So how does the game itself play, well here is the problem, for a physics-based ball rolling game, the physics seem a bit off at times, and the control system can be frustrating to say the least, when precision is needed, this is where the game can fall down. Now maybe this was built into the game on purpose, or maybe not. If the game worked as you would expect it to, then you would fly through the 15 or so levels pretty quickly, a few hours if that and you would be done. Instead, you will find yourself taking much longer to complete the game.

The Good
Everything looks really good. The game is very simple at the start, not a lot of direction needed, it is pretty clear what you need to do, and you just jump straight into it.

The Bad
The control of the ball, and the camera angle, sadly the two main parts of a game like this, and both just let the game down. A few tweaks to both of these would improve the game massively, but it would also perhaps make the game too easy. And 15 levels is not a lot.

A game full of potential, but just missed the mark on some of the most important aspects of what makes a good physics-based ball rolling game.

I score the game a fair 6/10

Review by Staff

Orbibot will be priced for 4.99 $ / € for all platforms, and it will launch on:
SONY America: August 20th
SONY Europe: August 20th
XBOX: August 20th
Nintendo Switch (NA & EU): August 26th
* PS4 and PS5 version will be cross-buy.
* Xbox One and Xbox Series X version will have Smart Delivery.

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