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3 Sept 2021

REVIEW: Rolling Adventure on PC (Steam)

Review by Staff
Rolling Adventure is a game that has been out on Mobile for a while, although a more simplified version. Well now a full-fledged version of the game has been released on Steam. So, what is the game about, well you drive a monster truck, and you have to pass through tracks, sounds pretty simple, well here is the twist, the course is set on a procedurally generated conveyor belt. In other words, if you go to fast you will simply drive off the end and die, go to slow, and you will fall off the end and die.

You play on 30 levels, each level harder than the last. You must drive over obstacles, while collecting the all-important gold Stars, get 3 to "perfect" the level.

The part of the game that really grabs you, is the timing everything takes, you can't just floor it and hope your monster truck will clear everything, you need to time your movements, jumps and turbos, otherwise you might get stuck on an obstacle, which will then eventually leave you falling off the end of the conveyor belt.

As well as stars, you will collect "nuts" to help you unlock achievements.

Rolling Adventure although starting as a simple mobile game, on Steam it really is quite the challenging game. 

The Good
Graphically it is very sharp, the courses are well made, and there is a high level of re-playability, to get all the stars and nuts.

The Bad
Poorly optimized for older computers, which is just laziness, since the game is a small file size, and graphically not that much different to the mobile version. The controls are also not the best. And at roughly £10 it is way overpriced.

A fun idea for a game, it plays well and offers a challenge. There is a demo you can play first; I would advise checking that out first before purchasing. Also you can get the simpler mobile version for free, just search your app store.

I score Rolling Adventure a fair 6/10, Room for improvement.

Review by Staff

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