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26 Oct 2021

REVIEW: The Black Heart on PC (Steam)

Review by Staff
The Black Heart is a gothic horror 1 vs 1 fighting game, think original Streetfighter 2 but with aesthetics from Mortal Kombat and you get the idea.

Originally released on the "M.U.G.E.N engine" which was a freeware 2D fighting game engine, whereby "authors" would port characters from other fighting games into the engine, AndrĂ©s Borghi took a different route, by creating totally original characters and stages for his game The Black Heart

Although moving on from that engine, it still plays in a similar way. And now gets an all-new official release on Steam with updated HD graphics and soundtrack.
The controls are as you would expect, directional control over your character and 4 buttons for punching and kicking.

Here is the story.
It's about another world in a parallel dimension where the king and ruler has been murdered. A vicious creature called Final has ripped his heart where he stored all the power, he used to create that world.

Six creatures, both from our world and the other one, chase this monster to steal the heart for their own purposes, since it's said that the bearer of the heart will wield an enormous power.

Although only 6 characters to choose from, this is a true Indie game, everything made by just one man.

The gameplay is similar in style to the classic Capcom fighting games of the 90s, you have combos, finishing moves and so on.

The Good
Simple graphics will take you back to the 1990s. A great soundtrack matches teh fun gameplay.

The Bad
Only 6 characters, and no online play.

The Black Heart is a true fighting game, made by one man, we should all try and support Independent Developers, for they are the real future of the Gaming Industry.

I score The Black Heart a fair 7/10
Review by Staff

Out Now On Steam

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