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6 Oct 2021

REVIEW: Effie on Nintendo Switch

Review by Staff
Loading up Effie I suddenly felt transported back to the time of the Nintendo 64, and some of the classic 3D action-Adventure games of the day. The kind of game that you could just play without needing to think too much, just a fun easy playing experience.

Now despite the game being called Effie, she is in fact your daughter (or granddaughter, not sure), and you are telling her the story of what happened to you. How you were cursed by a witch when you were young, cursed with old age, and all because you never helped the witch out, mainly because you were lazy and then how you went off on a quest to recover your youth, by getting rid of all the black magic.

You will travel through an area called Oblena, a city that is full of said black magic, which the witch conveniently cast everywhere, you have your magic shield, (strangely called the Runestone) a shield that is literally your only way of attack and defence, but it can also be used to surf on, to travel on the over ground! Well, it is a magic shield so needs to do more than just defend you.

Effie is played in full 3D, you control your character with the left stick, and your view point with the right stick. You will fight foes, solve puzzles, and explore various locations. As you play your shield will grow in power, as you collect magic and you have a few different special attacks. 

The boss fights always involve the Witch, but each time the challenge will be a bit different.

The game itself can be completed in a few hours, and is relatively easy.

The Good
A good old fashioned 3D action-adventure game, that does not take too much thought to play. Nice easy gameplay, for a younger crowd.

The Bad
There are quite a few graphical glitches, which I put down to this being a port from a PC game. Hopefully these can be fixed over time.

A fun game, perhaps lacking in challenge for the more experienced gamer, but perfect for the younger gamer.

I score Effie a fair 7/10

There is also a great limited edition physical release of Effie.
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